Using C-Bleach to remove pigments

So I have a batch of C-Bleach, I was reading their wet bleaching technique and was wondering if I add c-bleach to straight crude/distillate that is warmed and then run it over a Buchner, or if I have it dissolved in ethanol fist before I add the c-bleach. Running hot distillate into a Buchner just seems quite messy to me.
Thanks in advance


The proper name of that product is T41 but I know that will take time to work its way through the industry since the name Cbleach was so popular.

I’ve posted the Hybrid Scrub a few times here but I don’t mind repeating it as often as necessary:

  • Heat oil to 90c

  • Add absorbent (this method can be used for multiple types)

  • Mix for 20 to 30mins (you want lots of oil/clay contact but an appropriate amount of heat exposure)

  • Cool oil/clay to 40C (under solvent BP)

  • Carefully add carrier solvent like EtOH or Heptane.

  • Filter out absorbent with a Buchner funnel or pressure filter.

  • Carry on as normal.


Solvent ratio? 4 to 1?

It’s up to you and what ratio you need to pass your oil through your filtration system. Specific ratios are more useful in winterization, this is just simple dilution for mobility.

After filtration you can add extra solvent before performing another winterization or a column wash.

Do you have to dilute it down, or could you just add the T41 during the winterization phase and rip the color out prior to evaporation and distillation?