Using a Sousvide Cooker to Pasturize

I am looking to pasteurize massive amounts of tinctures at a time. The carrier oil is MCT and I will be using distillate as the concentrate. I have a magnetic stirrer and hot plate that I typically use to do small batches but I crunched numbers and it would take me about 60 hours of work to get everything done. So what I am thinking about doing is using an immersion circulater to warm the homogeneous liquid up and raise the temp to about 160 F for 30 mins. to achieve pasteurization. I have a few concerns. First I don’t know if the pump on this polysciene unit will handle oil the same way it will handle water. Also I have a feeling its going to be a real pain to completely break down and sanitize the unit after use, unless I can run some sort of sanitizing solution through it to clean it all up? Thoughts or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.
Poly Science Sousvide

This is the vessel I would like to use as well. It has a built in thermometer and a ball valve! Vessel

What volume of tincture do You want to pasturize ?


About 25 gallons would be the max.

How about a few beer kegs modified and welded onto a rack? There could even be a flow through ultrasonic homoginizer cell that you circulate through. Beer keg is like $50, if you are in CA I can plasma cut the top and weld a ball valve into the bottom and install a pid heater.


That’s a pretty good idea! I was thinking about using the pot i linked up there to mix and homogenize in with an immersion blender and then once its homogeneous go ahead and drop in the sousvide machine to pasturize.

I like the idea of incorporating the homogenization in the way you stated it is deff. more efficient. We are in KY but luckily i think everyone and their mothers here is a welder haha.

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