Used lab equipment forsale michigan

moving and i have a bunch of stuff ill update w pics as i can i have full setups forsale or parts lmk what u need
or trying to do ill get u goin
2l shortpath setups summit and china
welch 1400 …1400
2l roto bvv roto in original box motorized lift …700
harvest right freez dryer w pump… 2,000
10l bvv roto w extra chemglass coldtrap w poly science chiller and vaccubrand pump… 7,000

a few random 3" jacketed columns ts elbows and parts from trying to build a mini bizzy


Dm sent

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Interested. I’m in the market for a 5-10L rotovap depending on the condition and a 2L short path setup preferably the more complete the better but I’m also in need of a heater/chiller like a polyscience 7L MX.
So any pictures would be helpful please let me know what you can do.

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Dm sent one stop one front

Dm sent interested in entire lot