Used Extraction Equipment - Trusteel AV15 & DR10, Across 10L Roto, Reactors

Hey All,

I have some used gear that I’ve collected over the past few months. It’s all in great shape. I stand behind anything that I post here. I haven’t had time to take pics of everything yet, but I’ll list it all here. If there is interest please reach out and we can go from there. Also, I can give you references from folks that I’ve sold used gear to in the past and they’ll attest to the fact that I make sure they’re happy and usually end up giving some free phone consulting to get their systems running tip top with their new gear integration.

So here’s the gear:

Trusteel AV-15 falling film evaporator (w/ancillary) - $65,000
Trusteel DR-10 decarboxylation reactor (w/ancillary) - $12,500
Across International 10L rotovap (w/ancillary) - $6,500
Chinese 100L jacketed glass reactor with stir motor - $2500

Hit me up!


pm’d for the 100L reactor

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pm’d for roto!

Getting back at you guys right now. Thanks for the interest :slight_smile:

reactor sold?

@doc_simple we are finalizing a deal on them now. If for any reason anything falls through I’ll let you know. Thanks for the interest.


thanks, I’m a tentative shopper so GL with the sale!

What chiller comes with the av15?

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@Boomtownpharms It’s a Chinese chiller that is either a 5 ton or 6 ton that was purchased to replace the original. Used 1.5 years. Works great, and more than keeps up with the heat. When the system is pushed hard (harder than spec’d when trying to get better than 20gph) the water heater is the first thing not able to keep up. That chiller doesn’t budge.
I’ll be in the container in the next couple days and can get a model number.