Used Equipment and Glassware for Sale

I work for a huge CBD company based out of Colorado. We have a TON of short path glass ware and equipment. We have a Shimadzu HPLC for sale, vacuum pumps, chillers, mantles, filling machines, RBFs, Scales, etc. Look below at the list. Send me a message for prices or more details. I have uploaded some pictures but not all by any means. The prices are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than their worth. We are trying to clear out some storage space.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, ask! We may have it and it was just missed.
Buyer pays for shipping.

VanderFlex Smart S40 Pump
Ohaus Scale
Lab Stands
Lab Stand - Pole
Water Pump
5 Gallon Bucket
Temperature Probe - Stir Plate
Stir Bar
Fuse - 12A, 250V
Wire Brushes - Set
Clamp Holder
Metal Tray
Pail Pump - 5 Gallon, NOT FOOD SAFE
Citizen Scale Topper
Heat Gloves
Tool Hanging Bin
Oven Thermometer
Screen - Polypropylene, 1000microns
Heating Mantle - 2L
Vacuum Gauge
JKEM Cords - K
JKEM - Model 210
Stir/Heat Plate - SciLogex MS-H-X
Stir/Heat Plate - SciLogex Stirmax LS-SM-T1
Welch Pumps
Hood Pump - Balbor EM31112
Edwards Pumps
Water Pump & Heater - PolySci
Flask - 5L
Heating Jacket - 5L
JKEM - Model 250 - 5L
Heating Mantle - 5L
Stir Control - 5L
JKEM Cord - K - 5L
Temperature Probe - Shortpath
Distillation Head - 20L
Distribution Adapter - 20L
Glass Adapter - 24/40, Thread 7 - 20L
Glass Plug - 24/40
Glass Plug - 24/40 Spiraled - 20L
Shortpath Clips
Carbon Chunks - A
Carbon Chunks - B
Carbon Chunks - C
Canna Sondergut Silikate Pulver - Filtration Aide
Lab Stand Base
Lab Stand Poles - Extra Large
Lab Stand Poles - Large
Lab Stand Poles - Small
Metal Whippers
Stir Bar - Rod - Large
Stir Bar - Football - Large
Hot Plate Probe Holder Rods
Plastic Tweazers - TWY262
Acurite Fridge Thermometers
Plastic Fittings - Barbs, Couplers, Junctions
Pump Oil Caps - For HFS Pump Model: VP2200
Hood Filter - SS-300-M11-QC
Pump Manifold - Edwards
Oil Mist Filter Manifold - Edwards
Pump Manifold - HFS Model: VP2200
Pump Handle - HFS Model: VP2200
Pump Exhaust Manifold - Chemstar
GL-14 Hose Connection
Sterlitech Filtration Beakers - 1000mL
Sterlitech Coarse Cellulose Filter Paper - 2050012
Sterlitech Filtration Clamps
Raising Lab Stands - Tiny
Mantle - 20L
Thermocouple - K - Wire not rod.
FluxWrap Jacket
Heat Gloves - Bruella
Air Filters - For whipping regulators.
Air Whipper - Arrow Engineering
Random Homeless Things Bag
Gravity Oven Wire Racks and Supports
Glassware Rack with Drip Tray and Backing
Pilot Pump
5L Heidolph Rotary Evaporator - Missing glass and other parts.
Clamps - Tiny
Cold Trap Flask Bottom - 34/45 - Regular Length
Cold Trap Flask Bottom - 34/45 - Extra Long
Cold Trap Flask Whole Assembly - 71/60 - Extra Long
Tree Scale - HRB Series - Serial: HR1706142
Plastic Whippers - Too large for pyrex jar mouths.
5L Caps
5L Glass Plugs 34/45 - Middle, largest hole of 5L’s.
5L Rotovap Parts - Various Bag
Various Clamps - Bag
Column Packing - Ceramic - Jars
Heidolph Rotovap - Feed Tubing, .25 OD
Glove Rack
Welch Pump Belt Cover
Vacuum Oven Trays - Large
Vacuum Oven Trays - Medium
Vacuum Oven Trays - Small
Rovap Motor and Control - 20L
Portable Fume Extractor Filter
AirPura Air Purifier
Crashing Hood
Washing Hood
Chiller - Model: C30-17-10L
Oven Rack Shelves
Oven Rack Shelf Supports
Wire Baskets
Pressure Filters - Assembly with drain tubes.
Pressure Filter - Top Sealing Gasket
Pressure Filter - Bottom Sealing Gasket - 2 used, 2 new
Pressure Filter - Filter Pad - 3 used, 3 new
Pressure Filter - Filter Paper Box
T40 Cold Trap
Porta Cool - Portable Swamp Cooler
Hood Parts - Fan and Various
Mark II Manometer - Dwyer - Suspected hood part.
AllPro - Acrylic Urethane Elastomeric Sealant - Hood Sealant
Asco Solenoid 2-Way Valve 1/2", 120V - Item Number: ACC-5080, MAU Part
Hood Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Self-Tapping Screws
Cooper Bussman Fuse - 15amp Time Delay Fuse SC-15 - Model: BP/SC-15
Heidolph Rotovap - 5L ML Flask
Heidolph Rotovap - Glass Feed Tube
Heidolph Rotovap - Plastic Liquid Feed Tube
Heidolph Rotovap - Glass Stopper/Valve
Heidolph Rotovap - 2L Evaporated Solvent Collection Flask - 35/20
Heidolph Rotovap - Condenser with tubing.
Heidolph Rotovap - 1L Evaporated Solvent Collection Flask - 35/20
Heidolph Rotovap - Coolant Tubing - Half is insulated.
3L Receiving Flask - For 20L
5L Receiving Flask - For 20L
Glass 4-Way Manifold - On stand with GL-14 connectors.
Hood Motor
Metal Column Packing - For shortpath columns; bag.
Black Tubing
Flask Plastic Adapters
Rack Roller System
Long Range Wireless Driveway Alarm
Ohaus Scale - Broken
Parafilm Container
Flask - 20L - BROKEN
Oven Trays - Flaking
Cold Trap Flask Bottom - 71/60 - Extra Long - Broken
Charging Cord - 100-240V
Vacuum Tubing Clamps - Assorted Sizes
Flask Stand - “V” shaped.
Stir Bar - X Shape
Wrench - ~15mm
Bike Hooks - Large
Bike Hooks - Small
O Ring - 75 Viton
Hose Clamp #56 - 3 1/16-4"
Hose Clamp #28 - 1 5/16-2.25"
Hose Clamp #24 - 1 1/16-2"
Hose Clamp #16 - .75-1.5"
Hose Clamp #20 - 13/16-1.75"
Hose Clamp #12 - 11/16-1.25"
Dry Fast Welch Pump - Model: 2014B-01
Vacuum Pump (x3) - Edwards 28, 30 - Provac Sales, Inc
HFS 2 stage Vacuum Pump, Model No VP2200 (x2)
Small Peristaltic Bottle Fillers Model No SF-1-2K (x2)
Small Peristaltic Bottle Filler Model No SF-2-2K (x3)
CNTD Foot Switch (x5) Model No CFS1 (Goes with the Small Peristaltic Bottle Fillers)
Gates 300 Master ¼” 300psi non conductive tubing (x2)
Pneumatic Air Mixer Model No Cp1504
Scale (Intelligent Weighing Technology) Model No PBW-3200
Scale (Ohaus CL Series) Model No CL2000
Scale (Citizen) Model No CTG30H
Scale (Intel Lab) Model No PH32001 (x4)
Ceramic Hot Plate (Corning) Model No PC-600D
Stirring Hot Plate (Torrey Pines) Model No HS11A ![IMG_20200716_094124|375x500]
Piston Vacuum Pump (Welch) Model No 2585B-50
Duo Seal Vacuum Pump (Welch) (x4)
Rfrigerated Circulator Model AD07R-40-A11B (x2)
Heidolph 5L H2O Bath

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Where in Colorado are you located? I’d love to take a ton of stuff off your hands.


Evergreen. I would love to sell some of It in a bundle!

Word just sent you a DM

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Damn I just bought a ton of stuff 2 days ago :roll_eyes:

Let me know if anything changes!

message sent

Are any chillers available

No chillers!

Pics of these with prices plz!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I purchased the 2L SPD, and the entire transaction was smooth as butter! It’s nice to have a transaction that actually goes how it should, and this transaction was that way. Excellent communication, I highly recommend @CovalentWool (For however you view my opinion.)

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No big separatory funnell in all this

@david is making me a 5L as about 2weeks when things was Rollin right. Fuck got bills coming up that things didn’t go as planned have tons money ( at least to me it’s a lot). In need disty something fierce

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