Anybody heard of these guys or have any experience with their gear? My buddy owns a lab supply company and mentioned them to me. they’re cheaper than AI and come with a warranty from a company In the states. Definitely made in China or somewhere-bouts. I might give em a shot but I’d like to hear of some feedback if anyone has any.


I have their 5l rotovap, works great. I also use their 2l flask and adapter to use in then5l roto.

I also own their 2l short path distillation setup. I dont have enough crude to run the spd yet. I also bought a 2l flask for smaller runs

I sourced my.own chillers and vac pumps. They are 45mins away from me. Dave the CEO is always helpful.


Shopped around for a bit and found that their 5l rotovape was the best bang for your buck, i ordered one yesterday and shipping is estimated to be 1 week.


I own the 5l. Rotovap. It’s pretty fast with recovery times. Very easy to set up. USA Lab Equipment is a great company. With tons of stuff. This field is very expensive for quality gear, they are a great source for inexpensive quality gear. They are also very helpful.


Awesome thanks for the feedback. I think we’re going to give their 5l rotovap system a go. Shipped out of the states with a warranty for $5200 turnkey is hard to beat. I’ll let you guys know how it works out for us when we get moving.


Most of these rotos seem to come from the same place. You are manily paying for convenience and possibly service.

Then grab a used chiller and diaphragm pump off eBay if you’re on a budget and your whole setup will cost less than the AI roto. For me, it was cheap enough to just get 2 at that poont


We ended up getting the 5L roto/chiller system they offered. Found a pump elsewhere. Had it for a couple months and I’m stoked on it for a system half the price as AI within the states and with warranty. They are super helpful which makes up for shitty horribly translated instructions lol


I got one direct from China with the chiller and vacuum pump for $2300 Tariff included. Works great


What size roto and chiller


I’m heading to USA labs to grab a few things tomorrow.
did anyone want me to look at anything specific, ask any questions, or pick up anything for you guys? Within reason please. I dont have room for a 20l rotovap in my jeep.


So I hate to say it but you can get a 20L roto with chiller, pump and everything from Lanphan. They are serious about customer service. I work with Lisa, she is a sweetheart and very responsive if you use WhatsApp. I have owned their 20L roto kit and 20L short path set up now for almost a year. They respond quickly on tech support and replacement parts arrive in less than a week to Sacramento. I compared my 20L heating mantle (pais $450) to Summit’s (that sells for $2,000) and it’s EXACT same model number and internal components :rofl: my roto is identical to the ones best value vacs and across International carry for 5× the price. DM me and I’ll put you directly in touch with Lisa if you’re interested. Don’t get me wrong I still buy a lot of my specialty glass from Summit or lab Society or straight from Rocco but when it comes to electronics go to the source! This is the company I am referring to below​:arrow_down:



Thank you for your cooperation with my company.
You could see my post and know why I do not let them to know this forum.
You purchase from her, it is good.
However, I do not want to let them to be distracted.
Wish you could pay attention to it


I see now what you are saying