US Company for Softgels

Has anyone sent off oil to be made into softgels?
Who did you use?
I was recommended Capsugel.

It’s that time again-
Looking to make a couple hundred thousand 50 mg softgels with my oil.
Anyone have a machine? Cost?

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Im very interested in this too… I have found this one so far

This one…

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We’d like to make about 100k 50mg softgels from our broad spectrum distillate (noncertified organic grown in southern Oregon.) I’ve been hearing 300k softgels is a minimum order size, but this is a bit too large for my business.

It’d be great to split an order if anyone is interested … 50/50 on costs and oil, or … I can provide oil if someone wants to cover manuf. costs and split the softgels.

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Working on a price for you Had a couple of questions:

Who’s doing the packaging/jars?
Or is the order bulk? So the 200k arrive in boxes.
What type of distillate - Full/Broad Spec?
Please let me know. You can also call/text me at 727-543-3419. Thanks!

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The order is bulk, just need the softgels.
The distillate is broad spectrum, not thc-free.

Hey Tom,
Thanks for your reply. I’d like to use my own broad spectrum CBD distillate (picking up from lab this week, so I’ll have test results in a day or too.) Ideally, I’m looking for a manufacturer to mix and encapsulate my oil in bulk softgels. I’m almost ready to launch a new CBD brand and webstore, and we’re handling packaging and labeling in-house. My company is small, but we have some innovative ideas and a great design team.
Tucker Pyne

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Also, the best way to reach me is by email.

We supply colored , vegan, gelatin, a7,a8,a9 size gel caps, with formulation that fits your demand, at our gmp facility. we produce, 2.7million gel caps a day. I have 25, and 15mg gel caps, cbd,cbg,cbn.
Las vegas nv, come take a tour.

Let me know if you are interested in sofe gel production line. I just sell one to the east coast for $64,000, capable doing 10,000 soft gel/hr.
I also moving a bottling production line to the east this month. The whole automate bottle + labeling is only $72,000, capable of bottling 50 bottle/mins. And each bottle can contain up to 60 soft gel.