*URGENT* Looking for CAT3 trim L2L


We are looking for licensed and METRC compliant farms that have a consistent supply of CAT3 trim @12% or higher THC, preferably near Central CA but we will travel as far as we need if it makes sense. We would like to spend $75 per pound. We are looking to do a 400 pound initial test purchase then we would like to discuss an ongoing contract once the material has been fully vetted.

Direct Message me and we can get in contact. I have cash in hand and am looking to move immediately!


You should clarify the end product your creating with the material.

I know someone that was approaching farms for $80 per lb to buy up to 30k lbs per month for processing into distillate and was getting denied. Its tuff. Good luck on your search. :wave:

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We are looking to make distillate. What was the basis of them denying him?

They were holding out for higher prices or had higher price buyers lined up.

Dont let this discourage you this is just 8 suppliers I overheard to be exact. Plenty of fish in the sea but it takes a few lined up for sustainability. damn that just rhymed :sweat_smile:

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Going rate is about $9ppp so 12% would be $108. Once you break 1000lbs you may be able to get it at $8.50. I’ve heard of some $7&$8 unicorns, but I’m not so sure they are real.

Traditional market you can get that price maybe. Not to have you lose hope.

If you find it at $75/lb at 12% lemme know!!!


We have some great trim for 8.50 a point. Running from 10-13%

Do you still have?
What is the price before Tax?

I have several hundred thousand lbs ready to
Go in Cali. 9.50 a point.

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