Unload Sale - $500/kg Full Spectrum (Winterized, Decarb) - Southern Oregon

Need to unload 8KG of Full Spectrum @ $500/kg - MOQ 0.5KG

Batch: 9.10.18-2.2

Full Test Results - Potency, Peticide, Residual Solvents, Heavy Metals, Mycotoxins
Winterized, Decarbed slow and low for great taste and smell!

PM for Full COA’s

Why would we want to buy your crude for $500/Kg when there are lots of advertising at <300$/Kg on here already?

What makes yours worth almost 2x as much?

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Did you have COAs for pesticides? Looks like you missed a page

We have actually be selling KG at a higher rate due to our quality of Full Spectrum. We are always happy to provide samples. AND we are always willing to work to build long lasting relationships. :slight_smile:

Thanks for catching! Yes here is the Pesticide results

Haha this should get interesting, since it’s 56% CBD what makes it such high quality that it would demand double market value


Is all crude oil created equal? What we focus on is not making crude oil but rather high quality consumer good ready extracts - or Full Spectrum Oil. There are unique processes in our extraction and post processing finishing techniques that sets our oil apart from many others ( color, taste, smell etc…)

Not mass produced crude…

Many consumer good manufacturers are looking for quality and consistent input specifications. We feel that this difference is what sets aside our oil. Let me know if you would like a 1G sample!

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@Rockymtn24 has higher potency crude, with a full panel and it is organic… for almost 1/2 the cost :woman_shrugging:


That sounds like a fantastic product! Great job @Rockymtn24

There’s more love in every kg. @Rockymtn24 has too much CBD in his crude, so there isn’t room for quite as much love.


only issue is @Rockymtn24’s crude has too much “love” to leave CO

@smpl ships :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohhh homies, so much love! So much cbd! So much goodness, we can all eat! If you want to sell your steaks for $10 and me sell mine for $5 cheers. Maybe you dont always need to pay more to get the headier goods.