Unknown clear distillate

With the pressure reading ¾ micron (the reading flickers a hit between 2/5 micron and 3/4 micron) and temp about ten degrees lower than usual I obtained a small fraction of clear looking almost cannabinoid like substance. At that pressure and temp it is unlikely imo that this is a volitile hydrocarbon like a terpene but it is runny at room temp like a terpene. This batch included some high CBD oil extract but other than that this run proceded like any other really. I have seen evidence of this clear to yellow product before and as a trace too but this is a bit of a mystery what is in this first fraction. It acts like cannabinoid and comes across when an azeotropic compound would be predicted in terms of pressure and temp.

Ideas? What is this? I am gonna vape it this morning. The pressure, despite what the @summitspd IG posts try to paint my work as (that guy is unusually hostile towards me and I have no clue why???) my instrumentation is calibrated and cross checked and the predicted values are also a cross check. The guy said I posed a danger to folks lolz. Perhaps. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This substance seen as a very small puddle in bulb one is a curiosity.


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Any strain info of the biomass used
Or for that mater Any lab results of the oil You started with
I have acces to quit a large database at the university of leiden
Some strain have these high cannabinoids that are rare such as thcv
CBC etc
Might give a indication


Smoking unknown fractions?

Nah, youz only a danger to yourself buddy!

:popcorn: awaiting the trip report…


THCv comes out in that temp zone.


Hey @Beaker?

You still with us?

I can come grab a sample and run it through an SRI GC and maybe @Photon_noir’s Sage.

I’ve got a couple of THCV responsive patients that would be happy to bioassay if the GC suggests that’s what you’ve got.

Not sure why I didn’t suggest the GC earlier, other than it’s no longer my lab. even though I’m probably the only one who can make it talk sense.


There was not much and I decided to dump it without trying. The odor was really vague and mostly from the distillation. I have seen this before but not when I had an internal thermometer like this time. The surprise for me is the temp and pressure it came across - VERY close to when I normally see D9. Next time I will save it off for a test. I do not ever really know what kind of plant type my extract comes from but it does vary a lot.

I did allow the mantle to run away temp wise during prep. So this compound boiled away at 220°C for several minutes before I caught the error. My heat sensor is just a wire and if I forget and it pulls out from the mantle then the mantle turns full on. I was pondering if a very hot treatment could degrade something for this but maybe it’s unrelated. Truth is I changed up several things this time as a test(s) for stuff so perhaps other factors caused this.


One time during a shortpath run I seemed to notice a yellowish fraction that came over right after the green slime but before the main body of cannabinoids. I wonder if it was the same thing.

You need to get a GCMS on that thing!

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