two 5L roto and 2 welch 1400 sealduo

Hey guys i have two 5L roto for sale with extra boiling flask one is from USALAB and the other is from bestvalucevacs but they are the same model

i have 2 welch duoseal 1400 for sale as well

900$ each roto and 900$ each pump

located in DOWNTOWN LA

model is RE-501

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Still up for grabs, make offer will sell for cheap

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pumps still available guys!

Is your rotovap still available?

What CFM are the pumps? and what is their vacuum depth in microns?

Dm me


I think hes looking for a rotovap.

Nice dude, met him personally.

Look up the specs for the welch duoseal 1400 for specs

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pumps still available?

Yes they are

Are the rotos gone?