Tutorials, Educational resources and the like

Hi all.

Might sound a bit weird but I kind of wanted to stay ahead of the curve as much as I can in anticipation of legalization here at some point. I want to stay educated in the extraction practice but also educated in the dodgy shit in the industry so I can keep an eye out for smart asses. Already happened when we started getting FriendlyFarms carts, all fake, cut with shit and called Live Resin…

Any resources you have to link, please do. Video tutorials always help. And ofcourse I still remain a lurker here.

Just to give some perspective; people here don’t know what Live (anything), diamonds and sauce, distillate etc. even are. There is a tiny niche community who knows but most smokers still use the bongs with the small cone pieces. If you show them a clean cart they might froth at the mouth.


My number one suggestion: Master the search bar

Your local market will not be educated on what is current ever.

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Exactly that’s why I’m asking here. I saw a post last night about a fellow who wanted to shadow someone experienced. It occurred to me that luxury won’t be afforded to me int he same way it was with my previous enterprises. And if I ever want to achieve my dream of selling everything I own, retiring and running extractions all day, I better wake the fuck up about it lol.


This is one of the greatest DIY journeys you can take.
Not for the faint of heart. Not as easy as being born on the west coast or colorado and just expecting to be a local extractor. Whatever the obstacles, if it’s what you want. You’ll find a way.

Best of luck man/lady*

Read everything on here, then read it again. If you can find a way to get some hands on time with someone with more experience, definitely do it but most of the masters here are self taught and happy to share. You won’t find a better resource than this place and the people here


You’re also going to find difference of opinion on live vs dried extractions.