Turnkey closed loop for sale. Px1

Hello I am selling a precision extracts px1 with all the bells and whistles. I’m also willing to piece it out if you guys like. Comes with two cmep-ol vacuum pumps, water heater, jacketed solvent tank, crc, jacketed columns etc

I also have a barely used 50litre chiller for sale. It’s a usalabs -30c chiller but I get it as cold as -50

I’m located in socal. Los Angeles area.
Message me with offers first come first serve

These pictures are from the internet because my stuff is sitting in storage but I assure you I have all pieces and parts.


Asking prices are helpful and will save everyone a lot of time, your self included.


Sure id let the px1 go for 4k and the chiller for 3500z sorry about that


@mr.jey don’t know if you’re still in the market but here’s a precision

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bro buy that shit from me mr. jey id deliver it to vegas lol. use to produce roughly half a lb of high quality diamonds/shatter with it.

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That’s a good deal. Fuck.


Yeeeee everything is in perfect working condition

Great deal

Figured I’d bump this with a 1k discount on the equipment if someone takes it off my hands. It comes with an extra cmep-ol. Crc remediation set up if you guys are into that. I also have a condensing coil if you choose to run the system active vs passive


I’m not in the market, but here’s a free bump for this great deal!


Hella deal!!


Want :heart_eyes:

@Deeznugs I would like to purchase. Call me asap 405 777 9907

Interested if this is still available

Yes sir it is

Give you a call in the morning chief

Still around or did it end up selling?

Is this still available? Please message me if it is.

Is px 1 available

Px system available