Turning shitty oil into diamonds

Hello everyone!
Thanx for reading first off, I recently purchased an ounce of bulk bho. It’s seems either waxy or to still have some solvent in it. I decided a double boil method of a small amount would allow me to see if it would start to release solvent. during that time frame the bho turned into a very waxy consistency almost like crumble. I’m assuming at this point it wasn’t dewaxed properly?

Could I just take this product, redissolve in tane or maybe iso/ethoh and try for a low tech crashing of diamonds after a dewaxing phase? Really newb here so I hope I didn’t butcher any terms/concepts. Thanx again!


There are a couple threads open on crystallization right now. Look into the Acetone crystallization. They have a SOP posted when your starting material is BHO.

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Dissolve in etoh and winterize.

Mix in 4 parts Heptane, 10% saline, shake, separate in sep funnel.

Drain off bottom aqueous layer, will possibly be at crystallization purity at this point, test by recovering enough Heptane to supersaturate, then slowly cool to room temp then freeze.


Hey thanks for the response post. I have Just a couple questions. How much 10%saline? What would you do to “recover” the heptane? Do you just mean collect or separate a smaller amount from the main mixture? Sorry just trying to make sure I don’t harm myself before moving forward. ^.^

You want to remove enough hexane via evaporation to generate a supersaturated solution.

Ideally you’d use a rotovap, and actually collect (recover) that evaporated solvent, but blowing it to atmosphere isn’t going to affect your ability to crystalize.

have you read through all the other threads in the THCa crystallization section?

Pretty sure you’ll find everything you need has already been laid out explicitly.


You could likely do it, but your product and yield would be on the bad side. Too many impurities like the waxes and remaining solvent will prevent uniform crystal growth. The cleaner your extract is and the more controlled your cooling ramp is, the better your yield and quality will be!