Turn Key Closed Loop System for sale?

Looking to purchase used hardware to save a couple bucks if anyone wants to get rid of their equipment, lemme know. TIA

Little late for thanksgiving jokes


Turkey closed loop is that fire system. Turkey every day!


Any specific specs?


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Must cook 20lb bird In 5 hours or less. Budget… 4x bundles of hay and 8 bags of grain.

Edit. Someone changed the title so this is not more fun. :flushed:


I’ve got a 1 lb rig I can let go. 6x12 spool, 6x2 platter, 6" hemi lid for collection, 3x18 or 3x24 material column, top fill, 2" dump valve between collection and column, with an OSS 10lb stainless solvent tank. High pressure clamps around. Really nice beginning rig. Basically what I learned on…but I’ve upgraded and these parts sit. DM me if interested $1500

Pic of it mid nitro push, back when i iced the tank on dry ice/ isopropyl in the freezer to get my solvent cold. Coils are beautiful. Bout to see the beauty of 1/2" recovery coil too.


Maybe this? SOLD Partial 2L Lab Society SPD setup SOLD - #3 by Capttripppp
You wanna trade @TwistedStill?

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Unfortunately no. I’ve got my eye on some bigger jacketed material columns…trying to fund it while cleaning up a bit.


“Well, I’d buy that for a dollar!!!”
I wish I could help fund it! I certainly would if I could!!

What size are you looking for?? I have a decently large system I’d let go for about half retail cost.