TT Viscosity on a MS

@kcalabs would you be willing to run the TT viscosity that everyone said was mineral oil on MS to see what it actually is?

Most the labs I saw used hplc and we know that’s not sufficient to identify unknowns

This could be a fun one


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Please do

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I still have unopened samples :eyes::eyes:


I can also get some from Wyatt (he bought a drum of it before we even met and still has it xD)


We can run it on the GC for terpenes and against the library. Is that what you’re looking for?


That would probably work

We’re trying to determine if the TT viscosity dilutent that everyone said was mineral oil is infact that

GCMS would probably be able to do this easy as mineral oil has a very high MW, don’t you think?

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I have a bottle as well.

Heres the chromatograph


Yes, it’ll be qualitative, but we can do it.

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Isn’t that graph from the Floraplex diluent?


If you search back, I posted this same graph and info in the TT scandal thread when shit hit the fan.

That lab permanently banned me from ever testing anything else from me over this.


Which lab?


Steadfast in Madison heights

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I also have 5 other dilutents/thickeners from different companies as well. Just in case they wanna deny it all, bish slap them with their own bottle. I kinda proved that point 6mo ago in another thread with a certain conpany denying it of sorts.

Your taking the side that this is still terpenes? Correct?

And @Future kicked them out of the glg for what again??

I thought this was a foregone conclusion.

Hopefully @ExtractNinja will come back

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If it really is mineral oil, I’d imagine it would be pretty rough on the GC column and might not elute properly. So the terpenes may be reflected as being a much larger constituent than they actually are. Also, “mineral oil” describes a large set of compounds and it’s probably going to be be tough to nail down using the MS library. Even with something like @iontrap’s QTOF which would show exact mass (no ionization/fragmentation), you’d probably see a bunch of different stuff. Maybe a better approach would be prep followed by some sort of spectrometry (FTIR or something) that would elucidate structure. Anything that doesn’t have an isoprene indication would be “right out”


Like I said, I have dilutents and thickeners from the major companies. I’ll gladly send off to @kcalabs and have him/them run it.

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That lab permanently banned me from ever testing anything else from me over this.

:joy: did you explain it was just terpenes bro

Its funny how fake and phoney the whole fucking brand is but to keep it 100 if I could make 10 million selling mineral oil id definitely fucking consider it

edit: didnt the OLCC just determine it was olive oil or something

Bulk Naturals LLC., dba True Terpenes, sold Viscosity that solely contained squalene, squalane, and an
unidentified olive extract to OLCC recreational marijuana licensees between at least January 2018 and
November 2019. Squalene is a “botanically-derived terpene” that can be derived from olives; squalane is
the hydrogenated version of squalene. Following OLCC’s confirmation of the presence of squalane in
Viscosity via independent laboratory analysis by ChemHistory and SC Labs, True Terpenes has complied
with all of OLCC’s requests for information. Viscosity has since been reformulated, and according to True
Terpenes, none of their products have contained squalene or squalane since November 2019.

Every single employee I interacted with was a fraud scammer and a piece of shit. Liars, deceivers and snakes. Hidden referral programs, double speak, smoke and mirrors, undercover shills on this forum and who knows where else. Secret reselling programs. God I hated that fucking company and everyone involved. Didn’t we offer like 500$ donation to Wounded Warrior Project if one of the reps would simply state that we could use the product in vape pens and they couldnt. Even the damn name is a lie TRUE terpenes not one damn thing they said was true


Ur bottle looks way different than my blue bottle

Mine didn’t have any lot or batch numbers

Fuck that shirt tho

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