Trust Level 3 & 4 Tagging

If I block @trust_level_3 & @trust_level_4 … will that mean I block all DMs from every member in each of those tiers or does it mean I will just not get the group summons anymore?

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The group summons have been quite an annoyance and should only be used when there is an actual elevated urgency level.


I don’t know that I would block anyone. I think this morning’s mass DM has shown exactly how the community feels about this new feature. Basically, it only needs to be done in times of dire emergency, or need to get some important words out. I don’t even have any intentions of using it for the MOM vote. I thought that it would be a good option to have in case of months where the votes are falling short. BUT to be honest, I don’t see myself using it. In fact, @sidco , why don’t you just disable that option, and if a mass word needs to get out we can come to you, or 1 of the mods.
If it gets disabled, then there will be no need to block a whole group based on someone miss using an option that should only be used for important shit…


Just mute the pointless ones…like ill mute this one bc every time someone responds it calls all

Change the drop down at bottom from tracking to.mute


I’ve been on a muting thread kick lately. Half the topics on the forum are on mute. This one included. These tags get annoying.



That is kinda the point of this thread.


I see two options here:

Either we behave ourselves and stop abusing the tagging (hopefully all of us being vocal about it helps)

Or @sidco gets to tell us all “told you so”

Either way maybe this will show why things are set up the way they are for a reason and make people be more hesitant in the future to try and brute force “change” w.o thinking through all the positive and negatives


Or just flag the offenders ourselves. So many member of the months have been completely forgotten, and mom and polls are a regular thing.


You won’t be getting any notifications from a TL4 tag regardless, but like @ky_cbd said, @sidco had this setup so this wouldn’t be happening, I changed it because so many people were complaining about it, to see what would happen, and it seems like it’s more annoying than useful.


It’s useful for votes

Flag people for tagging @ TL3?

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Yeah I’ll gladly lose trust levels not to be hailed like this for stupid shit.


Let’s look at this mornings instance as an example:

What is the point of this:

I have questions

Also did a broadcast call since technically can’t add him to thread…

SPDKing isn’t even trust level 3. What is the point of doing a broadcast dm at all in this example?


Now look at this particular instance:

He is asking people in the above tiers for advice. Not as pointless, but still proving a point pointless.

Everyone in trust level 4 has a business and a family. Regulars are a more diverse group as a whole, and typically have the time to assemble polls like member of the month or community action.

There will be situations where a company/individual has grievously offended someone and community action needs to take place.

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The infinite edit feature also gives the bad actors a means to make their threads less searchable.

Just sayin’.

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And is countered by a group dm with title editing capabilities

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its there content…

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An argument could be made that it’s content for everyone that they posted. Not necessarily owned by them just shared by them

so you dont own your own thoughts??

Let me ask another question…

So, we have had bad actors in the past that nulled their posts… WHY didnt any of the mods restore the posts… We all have editing abilities… WHY dont just restore it?? was it that important to begin with? or are we using as a crutch not to give rights???


Not after you post them on the interwebz.


Replies and quotes belong to the repliers. Better forum culture is quoting out an entire post and responding to each part of the post.

If your post was unshared and this were a thread, I have now responded to the entire post, and even if you edit, the proof and searchability remains.