True Terpenes



Kinda interesting how after all of this there website is shut down…


Hello everyone,

We are still investigating this issue. This is a multi step process on our end to insure our due diligence.

We are re-auditing our suppliers, confirming with the 3rd party labs that their equipment is calibrated because our first round of investigation yielded nothing but what we expected. What we expected is pure product that we have aways stood behind. Being an FDA approved food facility means we already go through these audits regularly to ensure quality and safety.

There are many companies who benefit from us getting bad press and we are doing everything feasible to be sure that there is not something that was overlooked.

We have asked Extract Ninja to provide some proof of purchase. Surely they would have something they could send privately to us to further validate their claims? We aren’t out for revenge or any ill will, we simply cannot validate claims with no proof of what was tested.

It would also be very helpful if the specific labs information other than EOU was posted that performed the test so we can further validate and confirm how the bottles were received. All of this can be done privately if desired.

We would also like to point out and clarify some facts the testing results showing “terpenes” and “not terpenes”. Sure, those peaks are terpenes, but those cover the most volatile of the terpene family (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, ect.) There are over 30,000 terpenes in nature, and some are much less volatile terpenes that would not fall within that range of specific terpene peaks. We implore the public to take the claims with a grain of salt until they can be proven. Once we have the proper info to validate the reports with the labs, then we will be able to get somewhere.

Lastly, The website is down for maintenance; we are not shut down in any way, just updating some features to continue providing the best education and support for our customers and community.

These claims are taken seriously by us. Those who know us know that we would never lie about our product. Thank you for your patience, we are actively looking into all angles of this matter and performing multiple audits which takes time.


How do you suggest I make them prove it?


TT this is some pretty serious accusations. i would try very hard to get a hold of actual verifiable data from Extract Ninja. a simple one or two messages to him is not what id consider substantial attempts at collecting this information. Also its very easy for a business to go sue happy so i can see why he might want to stay anonymous. people get sued for far less and with 100% verifiable proof all the time so i can see his hesitation if it is indeed real.


Meet together with TT at a lawyers place, sign an NDA and take a look at the recipe of viscosity. Then TT have to show their orders which they make their products from. Depending on the amounts and their bandwidth of end products (all terpens, isolates and viscosity) you can calculate if the amounts are correct. To have a double check you could also inspect the annual financial statement.
Additional you could buy random samples of viscosity and test them each at two different labs.

If everything is ok you REALLY KNOW whats going on.


Son of a bitch! What a SCAM! And this could be killing people. I ordered this stuff a few days ago and hasn’t gotten here yet. I requested a refund. If I don’t get a full refund, I’m calling my attorney in the A.M.


I’m not sure I’d jump on any bandwagon just yet. Let’s see what shakes out and see if tt can prove the safety of their diluent or at least that it’s not mineral oil without them resorting to any nasty legal means or doxxing anyone.


Has anybody else had their own Viscosity analysed?


FWIW, I have a bottle from their first run of this product. Its open and has no batch number, but I will be getting it tested asap. I am a little close to TT for it to be a fully unbiased result, other than you guys have my word that if a GLG company is knowingly selling mineral oil and calling it terps, they will be disavowed and publicly roasted.

However, I have been friends with the founders since day 1 of TT and I do not believe that to be the case. Not only would it sink their business, but they are genuinely good people.

They are sourcing the ingredients for this from an ISO certified mfg, one which has been vetted in person by their QC person, a fierce, no nonsense, lady with a PhD whom doesn’t play.


I am currently giving them a test run as well. I will let you guys know how it goes!


Looking forward for news, just got a bottle and won’t use til this clears.

Hoping for it not to be true.


True Terpenes has a referral program where they pay someone 10% on all orders placed with their link and a lot of companies were just promoting it (most probably not even using the terpenes) with no disclosure they were being paid. Thats all it took for me to never use them. Also they had a rep on here posting under a regular name not mentioning affiliation with TT pushing their products hard on every one of her posts again with not claiming affiliation thats a huge bias which is why FTC has rules against it.

It is absolutely no surprise to me theyre being accused of more shady stuff.


offer more flavors and are cheaper and better without all the shady tactics


I heard about this today on future4200’s video.

So, we have a mystery. Is the diluent terpene/terpenoid or mineral oil…how about both!

It’s a terpenoid, colorless and odorless, good boiling range, just below guaiol, high end of the sesquiterpenes in Cannabis sativa, commercially available, and it’s from sharks! No one likes those prehistoric tubes of death…

I’m not saying that this is what they use, but there are a number of hydrocarbons that would be “terpenes”, in plants, that are in the same mass ranges of mineral oils.

I worked with steam stilled Cannabis Essential oil on the liter scale and wondered what was in it…

That led me to this:

Follow to reference 35, pull that paper (there may be a better link…)

Conclusion: 0.7% content of higher alkanes in the essential oil.

If one was slinging random plant oil as cannabis and the perfume terps were too much, I guess one could pick any one of these compounds or a mixture and make a diluent. It would be natural; If the molecule was a terpenoid or terpene all the better.

Do I think they’re using mineral oil? Probably not…are they using an affordable, commercially available terpenoid alkane or mix that may originally be found in plants and animals? I’d bet my money in this area.

Does anyone have combustion analysis?


Alot of big names in Maine using TT in thier carts… Honestly im kinda laughing and a little frightened now beacause the guy teaching distillate classes is always posting that he uses TT… I can only imagine how many of his clonies have been using it… I stayed away from TT and went with True Blue just because i liked the flavors better… I spoke with the owner a few times and he seemed pretty legit and made me feel all warm and fuzzy so he got the win… I do hope that this is a farse and not really TRUE… It would be a pretty major blow to the safety of the cart business once mainstream media picks up on it…


Indeed. I’ve been using Flora myself but as far as liquidizers go I was using an isolate of MCT which worked great and had the best taste but now I’m using 5-6% terp and distillate only.


Cart manifacturers short shit list…
Mario carts
Brass knuckles
King pen
Eagle 20
True terpense?? Nah… I dont wanna beleive this… Its gotta be corporate espionage… That would be super shitty to charge that much for mineral oil then lie about it…




I sent a message to the folks at TT regarding the posts on this site and here is the response I received below. I am not including the gentlemen’s name because I’m anonymous, and this person may wish to remain that way as well. Personally, I think TT has some explaining to do. If this is legit mineral oil, people could be getting sick and the sale of this stuff needs to STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Hopefully this is some kind of “smear campaign” because that would certainly be the lesser of the two evils!


I saw your contact form request and I wanted to reach out to you. VISCOSITY has been in production for over a year, has been audited by our local FDA inspector, and has only recently ever received anything but fantastic praise.

The information shared on is a well orchestrated smear campaign, likely by one of our competitors. We have audited all of our suppliers (who are ISO 9001 Accredited) and are in the process of doing a very thorough testing run to show a side by side comparison between mineral oil and VISCOSITY.

I hope that this direct and honest conversation might persuade you to take into consideration our companies stellar reputation, customer service, and products.


B3x C@$ixxx


Damn. That’s kinda harsh from a member too.:man_facepalming:t3: i guess this forum is a place of dis-information.


So how was the analysis performed?
Was it a liquid injection of the sample?
Or was this head space? It is possible that you do not see sesquiterpenes in headspace if your vial temp isn’t hot enough.

Although a smear of a peak like that does typically indicate some petroleum distillate. The response is fairly high as well compared to the terpene sample in the same picture. If it wasn’t i’d suggest it could be septum bleed, which can give similar looking smears. But in that case you would expect it in both samples so something definitely seems strange.

It says 0.1 injection in the report, this would indicate a liquid injection. The essential oil institute should know how to these types of analysis correctly, so i have not much doubt they are correct. I bet he is pissed, as this stuff will be hard to bake out of your GC column. Most likely residual peaks for many injections after.