True Terpenes the time has come....

I hope they throw away the key

I for one am not impressed with your math


Agreed the article had nothing to do w TT. I in no way support TT but it’s just truth

this whole BM vape thing is doing nothing but making a true “Craftsman” look bad



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While I agree with getting to the bottom of this and THEN throwing away the key . . . let the facts jump to conclusions!


Well i guess it’s how someone interprets it.

New York University public health professor Ray Niaura said the spate of lung illnesses means “it is unlikely it is e-cigarettes that have been on the market for a long time” unless "something was either changed or a new product was introduced into marketplaces.

Dr. Brian King of the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health told reporters that harmful ingredients in traditional nicotine vape liquid had been identified that included ultrafine particulates, heavy metals such as lead, cancer-causing chemicals and flavoring used in e-cigarettes to give it a buttery flavor.

Public health investigators need to gather more information about each case, including details such as what substances and products triggered the lung illnesses, said Mitch Zeller, director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products.

Im betting more than half will have TT in it if these were from the BM. Indirectly caught in the crossfire. They will look deep into what’s actually in it once they see the analysis.

The only reason i said throw away the key. Have they changed the formula since this has been an issue? If so than what i said was harsh and i apologize but if they still keeping this unknown substance in it than i regret nothing. Its a heavy hydrocarbon. that will just sit in your lungs after being smoked. This oil could be between lubricant oil to fuel oil unless they added some additive to bitumen. What happens if this person has other health issues. Your body can only fix so many things at one time… Realistically any company who was scrutinized would of addressed this issuse immediately to clear there name. Why lose business if what your doing is perfectly fine? They havent to my knowledge. This tells me one thing…

I’m only a go hard when it comes to people’s health. Especially when people continually to hurt others and they know what they are doing is wrong… I wont ever have respect for them. Other than that I’m one of the most humble you will meet.

There is something else… but when the time comes it will be known.

So many people doing carts and using gid knows what. As long as they have that knock off packaging people are blinded by it. So glad to almost out of the the whole deal, quality of oil seems to matter less and less nowadays to the masses.