Trucking for Troops - Cannabinoids for Veterans

A close family friend owns and operates a charitable organization for veterans. I just got off the line with them and they have been spending apx $55 per bottle on 500mg tincture bottles.

I’m going to start putting together products for them and wanted to see if anyone would like to help!

I’ll be sourcing isolate from @MinkLoafs and MCT from nutiva. My all-in cost per bottle should be about $6 a bottle for a 9,000 mg bottle (wanted to get close to 300mg per dose) and id like to give it to them for cost.

The help I need from yall is to drop links to the cheapest bottles you can and offer any other ideas on what we can do to help more vets!

We will be leaning on the gang as I’m going to be needing to pop in and out of your labs for the formulation, and everything that can be sourced through here will be. Luckily i love you guys and have already sourced a lab to host me. If anyone else wants to donate time or resources, this is a very preliminary convo but id like to plant the seed of charity in your minds.

I know we have a lot of vets here and I bet if we put our heads together we can get CBD to any vet who wants it for almost nothing. This is the charity i will be working with.


check these out, they around 36 cents each. they have a dripper at the top as opposed to a glass dropper.


I’ll probably stick with glass for em. I listened to a joe rogan podcast the other day and apparently plastics make our taints smaller or something :person_shrugging:

But I’ll keep that in mind. I think with every being so cheap nowadays we should be good to spring for glass.


have you thought about contacting ptsd support groups?


what is the budget for the bottles? I can snoop around a bit more to try to find the best option.
Also, what about packaging ext?


Nope not yet this is the first time I’ve tried to reach out to an organization instead of just my usual word of mouth freebies for my immediate network. Hopefully it will grow into something great though


How much are you paying for the isolate?
$6 each is crazy high. Shit I buy my bottles 5000 at a time.
I’m all in at $1 each 30ml bottle, MCT oil, flavoring, and label PLUS the cost of CBD.


they are doing a 9000mg bottle

I think I was getting 1 oz boston rounds for 85¢ or so with dropper but I know they exist for less than 50¢ per somewhere.

For the first little bit they will probably be unbranded or simple labels made with ingredients and dosing. I can do some decent labels here until the need comes to mass produce them


That was a chalkboard estimate including carrier oil, concentrate, and bottle


do you have a specific color in mind?

I found a local source for my bottles. I was very lucky to have a major distribution source in my backyard. Saves me a tone on the shipping.

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Brown probably just the regular stuff. I’m not looking to brand anything especially fancy or do anything “special” the more simple I can make it the better it will be imo.

The game plan is to get the bottles to the vets for nearly free so I think as cheap and easy as possible will make sure it’s successful


what parts are you located in? what kinda prices are you getting?

Dallas is where I source my bottles.
30min drive saves me a tone of money.


Realistically since I’m funding this all myself and not looking to get paid for it (maybe I will charge them material costs if it ends up taking off one day)

I’m going to start with only 100 bottles or so


800g+ CBD isolate and 900g+ T-free distillate was from here on future4200.

Bottles from Dropper Stop.

All purchased exactly this time last year.

Is this useful? It’ll waste if I hold onto it. There’s about 75 bottles here.


I bet we can get isolate @ $350 from someone here.


Bottles would forsure be helpful. I’m not comfortable taking anything right this second until I get a little further into the talks with truckin4troops but in a few days once we iron out how many bottles I can make them etc I’d be happy to talk about it further :call_me_hand:


If we could get isolate at $350. Each 9,000mg bottle would be $4, with a nice label.