Trs21 vs cmep ol recovery speed

For anybody experienced using both how much faster would you say the cmepol is vs the trs21?

Also ive noticed that i use alot more dryice on the coil using the trs21 over the cmep.
Anybody else experience this?

Have run both pretty extensively and would say the cmep is almost twice as fast as the trs21. The cmep uses an air cooler or liquid cooler (depending on generation) that the solvent passes thru. So the solvent is hitting the dry ice bath at a cooler temp coupled with shorter recovery times is probably why your noticing less dry ice use.

It comes out of the trs21 at over 100f, ive ran a cmepol with no heat exchanger and it still did almost .75 lb per min with just the radiator it comes with

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Oh easily, I’ve seen the head temps hit 115-120f with the trs21. Do you have issues with your fan staying put on your cmep?

No the add on radiarors are a 100x better.

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Does it require a chiller then?

No you can use ice water. Look at expgreens website