TRS21 Upgrades

Check with RKMACSERVICE for recently improved rebuild kits and new 2 piece stainless steel piston upgrades for the TRS21 Extraction/Recovery pump.

Most leaks come from two occurring events in the TRS21. One is the piston seals wear out, thus a direct leak through the unsealed crankcase. The second is rubber o-rings that are not properly size or the proper material being used.


What is the service life of these seals?


hello, I need two rebuild kits. Are these available?

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they told me 700 hours but i didnt mention its use. I think we are harder on the pump due to no refrigerant lube. Ooops its their thread Ill let them answer. I bought a rebuilt pump from them directly just before I found future. It works.

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1000 hours

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