Trouble Making Crumble With Outdoor Flower

So processing a bunch of material for a client. A lot of outdoor autoflower nug that is bone dry. They requested crumble but the product is not seeming that stable and does not want to set up. I blast usually -40f to -60f short soaks depending on the material. I have Taffyd this stuff multiple times and it still wont crumble out. I feel its something to do with the weed. Ive had issues with outdoor weed before when trying to do shatter and crumble seems the THC has began to degrade or something. Thoughts…

Growers will always say it’s super frosty perfectly taken care of, but when it comes out as bad oil, their lies show through. Bad material will not make good oil. I’ve run things for so many other farmers that didn’t dry and cure their material, gave it to me in a cardboard box, left a bunch of wet sticks in there, sprayed pesticides in flower, didn’t flush the plants, etc. all sorts of things that can make it come out dark and sappy every time. I’ve shown comparisons to people of good old material that comes out yellow dry crumble, vs their poorly cured new material that comes out brown and runny from the identical process.


Introduce ethanol, do a winterization pass, then carbon scrub, then recover as much ethanol as you can. Take that material and reintroduce butane in your closed loop, recover butane and you should be left with a more purified product. This should crumble easier.

In my experience, old outdoor is significantly decarbed and has a tough time forming any nice BHO product.


ya that’s my thought old, decarbed/degraded just makes it hard to work with


Ho hold iT.
This needs better explanation
Please setout the steps a little more clear
Extract with ???
Carbon scrub
Evaporate ethanol
Return to closed. Loop Extractor ???
Ad butane to clean ???
I am sorry but realy curios what iT is You exactly do thx


As for everything else you lost me man. Your carbon scrubbing and winterizing to make cdumble?
Ive never done that for crumble i just have mlmmore issues with outdoor i feel


Is this the product you ARE able to produce, or the product you WANT to produce?

Purge stir purge stir purge stir repeat…
It’ll be wetter…do higher heat for drier

@midsfactory got the perfect process down for sure though can’t argue w that cookie

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Thats my cookie lol @StoneD

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@midsfactory i qm trying to achieve this i havr done it many times. But struggle to do so with outdoor usualy

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Holy shit speed typing and looking I’m dumbass

@Dannoo93 i extremely apologize as that cookie speaks for itself

Edit**** what’s happening when u repeat ur tech w outdoor…exactly? I’m curious as i feel I can achieve budder every time… always just purged and stir repeat
although that was before I started dewaxing and was just blasting cold

Harvest date? Use butane heavy mix, over 60%, heat and whip. If it doesn’t crumble, that just happens some times.

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Old outdoor = sticky and dark. Sticky and dark will NEVER crumble. If it’s sappy, it’s decarbed and you’re SOL.

Pics of product your talking about?

Time to get a distillation kit!


Please explain the part Of reintroduce to closed loop and Ad butane :grinning:
I REALLY want to know


Is this crumble made from taffy tech method?