Trouble blending CBD Isolate in hemp oil for soap. Please, NEED HELP

First post here everyone, first let me thank anyone ahead of time for your help. I recently decided to infuse some soaps with CBD isolate I purchased with COA from a well know producer. Problem is I use a ton of different oils to create my soaps. I am pretty sure I have my dosing math down but cant seem to get this “nano” isolate to homogenize in hemp oil even when running my Glas-Col hot plate stirrer at around 120C.

It just keeps falling to the bottom of my vessel and never fully blends in. I am thinking about returning it and moving into CBD isolate oil instead but was hoping someone here could lend some insight on why in the world I can extract and refine on a short path well, but can’t figure out the reason behind this “powdered” isolate falling out of solution or never even blending.

Thanks again to all in the community. :fist:

You will not achieve homogenization with a stirrer. You can utilize a homogenizer or a planetary centrifuge to achieve the results you want

Thank you @qma, this was my original thought on homogenization. Appreciate the reply. Will update once tried with pics.

Nano encapsulated isolate is usually water soluble and therefore is harder to dissolve. Is there other CBD you can use instead?


Yes, I can do that. Is it the actual size that allows it to be water soluble. 30-60nm? Or is it part of an added surfactant or other compound like cyclodextrin or micellular encapsulation?

It’s a combination of size+surfactants that form micelles that make it water soluble. Most companies use tweens/polysorbates/other surfactants to do so.


@Lincoln20XX thank you, I have been experimenting with tween20 lately and believed it to be in use as a surfactant in the nano. Appreciate all the help, I’m making up some oil and should have some test runs in by late next week

Np. Have also heard of this being used, no idea if it’s actually useful/better/worse than other options.

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Interesting, I will def be diving deeper into this after the first of the year. Big thanks for the help.

kralova2009.pdf (1.6 MB)

An Introduction To Food Grade Nanoemulsions.pdf (4.7 MB)

Here’s some light reading that might help you on your quest.

EDIT: And some heavier reading.
Alexandru Grumezescu-Encapsulations. Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Industry Volume 2-Academic Press (2016).pdf (6.6 MB)

Alexandru Grumezescu-Emulsions. Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Industry Volume 3-Academic Press (2016).pdf (5.8 MB)

Alexandru Grumezescu-Nutraceuticals. Nanotechnology in the Agri-Food Industry Volume 4-Academic Press (2016).pdf (6.6 MB)


Wow. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much.

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quillaja works great for products that arent intended for consumption, soap should be fine. most of the commercially available stuff i’ve played with has some serious off flavors after being sonicated