Trimmer Cleanup

What different types of Solutions are being used to clean a trimmers cutters and what is the best/safest way to dispose of that solution once dirty.

99% iso and a non-fiber producing towel. I’m not large scale but that’s what I do.

I figured IPA was most common, confused on what to do with large quantities of dirty IPA with particulates in it.

allow to evap and use a towel to wipe away the residue. Most people should get away with just using a towel wetted with iso but when I zone out and trim til my scissors gunk I’ll iso soak in a beaker and use a different pair. I never make more waste than maybe 500 mL of iso a day(-ish)

extract it

i always scraped the hash off and smoked it.waste not want not :yum:


I use simple green.
Its biodegradable

Above is for a twister t4

For hand trimmers, a cup of iso.