Trim to distillate rate to charge

I have a buddy that wants me to make some distillate for him starting from trim. What’s a good fair number to charge per liter distilled?

50% trim to crude
And then another 50% crude to disty lol :laughing:

Disty is so fucking cheap I wouldn’t touch it with a very large pole


Step One: Identify all Costs (per measurable unit liter, gram etc)
Step Two: Identify desired profit for this work
Step Three: Find out if the market will bear that price
If Yes: Good job.
If No: Reduce costs or accept less profit.


I don’t want product tho I want $$$. He’s gonna make pens and sell for $12-$15. What you think $3-$4 per ml?

What is your cost per gram?

Do you already have the means/equipment to go from trim to distillate?


Never sell, charge, or work by volume. Work in mass. Kg instead of liters and grams instead of ml. Volumetric measurements are inaccurate for our purposes in the lab, and you will only have real consistency when working with mass. The volume of extracts change based on a number of factors, and you need consistency to accurately tabulate costs.

Just my $0.02 …


I have everything I need. Overhead cost is already covered

Not sure exactly. I’ll be using supplies I already have readily available

Much appreciated!!

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You won’t need to buy solvent, dry ice, media, filters, vacuum pump oil, jars, containers, beer . . . ? Anything?

Just dry ice…and beer lol. Everything else I have plenty of already

Every municipality in the country is about to use up ALL of the dry ice to transport super-chilled vaccines. Watch yourself. That is a huge pitfall waiting for you if you don’t plan right.


@Sidco_Cat started this thread a while back. Arguments were presented as to why using mass is important. You can see I’ve felt strongly about this for a minute. Haha


Hey, that is still a good idea! I owe you a hug!


Dang COVID keeping us huggers from hugging people!

Virtual hugs coming your way! :hugs:


Hopefully that doesn’t cause a problem. Hopefully I can make enough to afford a cryo freezer by then :joy:

Buy it 12 weeks before you think you will need it.


I think this might be a issue for minimal areas. The rest is hyper inflation for value of product. I’ve been told there isn’t a dry ice shortage in effect bc dry ice is based on fuel production.

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You make a good point. I am just thinking about production capacity with a whole new market horning in on the commodity. I mean, remember when entire states would run out of turkey bags . . . supply chain issues are real, Bro.