Trim to Cartridge pricing

I’m located in Southern Oregon and I’m trying to figure out a fair trim to cartridge price structure.

Right now I’m doing a toll for a really good friend. I subcontract out my crude processing and its 15$/# of biomass 1.75$/g of distillate 3$/per 1ml cartridge. Again the 1.75$/g is just because he’s a really close friend

I used to charge 5$/g for trim to disty, then 3$/g now with current market conditions I feel like I need to drop again. I’m thinking 2-2.50/g of distillate and 3$/cartridge.

I guess my question is what are other processors charging and what is this communities opinion on fair market value trim to cartridge pricing?


If you wanna get good cartridges and fair price. You can send me messages. We’ll send you more info. and website if you’re interested.

I get good ccell clones for $1.10 landed when ordering 10,000 can you beat that price? And maintain quality?

@Ikkyu are you taking on new clients atm?

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I would be looking for cartridge.

Check private messages and your email inbox from William. Tks

Send me your price list and styles, ibe been using. Ikrusher for the kast 2 yrs

Which carts are you using?

Ac 1014 for 1ml and i bought all the ac 1005 they had in stock since tbey were being discontinued. For them to special make them for me wasnt worth the cost, jm down below 20k .5ml so i need to start looing for a suitable replacement.

We have ac1014. If you want ac1005 keep selling them. you can ship us samples, we clone for you. Wanna make a trail order for ac1014 1.0ml?

Email me tour catalog. I could send tou a sanple of the ac 1005 bur what kinda leak rate is usual with your carts.

I just sent you email, please check. We’ll talk there. Thanks

Private message us your phone number. We’ll call you to confirm everything

We’ve been using @Labeledoil on instagram cartridges and been able to save money on getting quality carts that hit fat,amazing flavor and don’t leak like all those chinese clones. We use to charge $5.50 trim/bio to distillate. The way I look at it is if everyone keeps dropping the price it drives competition and spiral down on the price. We all need to agree upon set price lol!