Trim or crude in Maine

Looking for trim or crude in Maine to process can also do toll processing for anyone interested

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Hello I’m located in Colorado. I do consulting but also have access to many labs. Can do large orders of crude non-winterized or winterized. Feel free to contact me at you earliest convenience. My direct email is

Looking forward in speaking with you.

Im looking for the same… Have you had anyluck?

Hello. Are u still looking for crude? 8318846915.

Hello. Are u still in search of crude? 8318946915.


Are you in maine?


had any luck with trim up here?

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Lol… peiceing it together 2-3lbs at a times it seems…

Lol sounds familiar

No. California



I’ll have lots of biomass up near Bangor Maine on the CBD side soon. We have 500 acres of farm land we are licnsed to grow hemp on and only have enough processing equipment to do 42 liters a month at the moment (currently ramping up gear, next purchase should push us up to 1100 liters a month production capacity) But while we are ramping up we should have biomass overages for folks to process if interested in the CBD side of things. :slight_smile:


That sounds pretty cool… I would be intersted in that also… keep us updated…

Have 500 kilos of high quality crude oil and have COAs let me know if Still interested

Where? @dreygotiso

Are you looking to sell any of your crude?

I’m looking for THC crude here in So Cal that can fill 2-400 Liters/week with a consistent product at a competitive price. Thanks everyone!

Send me your contact number and I will have my VP of Development, Mr Nathan Lumpkin contact you on your request.

David Farrell
Senior Associate
Dragonfly Technologies LLC

I could use some cbd biomass I want to see what I can do, I have a lot of cannabis biomass and have the extraction down pretty good on this