Trim Needed Next Day Pickup

Trim needed 3,000 units plus per load near Trinity County CA. Will pickup next day. Please text details to (714) 787-9074. Prefer Nor Cal material.


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THC for sure

Do you still need 3000 units of Trim?

Yes Tom.

Maybe give me a call to discuss. Thanks.

Checking on pricing and availability. I’ll call you on Monday.

Great. Thank you Tom. Have a good weekend!

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Does LA work for you L2L?

I saw your comment and am looking for large amounts of trim. Please advise. 805-358-5218

Would be good if we knew the minimum percentage thc you guys are looking for ?

Is the Trim for shatter or distillate? What percentage are you looking for? You can call/text me directly at 727-543-3419.

Is this l2l only

Yes, L2L only.

I thought so thank you for the quick response