Touring a Lab

Hello all, We are in Wisconsin setting up a lab for a company that is just getting into CBD extraction using ethanol. We know there are other labs out there who have been established for years. Does anyone know of a good lab that offers tours? We already have all of our equipment and procedures but it would be helpful to see how an industrial scaled lab operates for the future. Thanks!

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Where are you located?

DM me for consulting. There is a lot more to setting up an ethanol lab than what you will see if anyone even lets you tour their lab.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin

But we are willing to travel for a tour!

Hi Rowan,
I am also interested for CBD extraction using ethanol, I live in DC area, but can fly, drive to get the tour anywhere in US.

You got y’a self a side job
“Tour operator Rowan” :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Been doing it all week… investors are real.

We’re getting tooled for 800# per shift


Im new to this industry and I saw you do consultation. Id like to ask about ethanol booth requirement or what the requirements/what i need for my facility.

There are several consultants on this forum
If you specifie what it is you want done and where they will chime in
Good luck with your start up :fist_left: