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Hi hi hi.

So currently I use bucket tek and am chilling 6L of etoh for each bucket in which I put about 1.5 pounds of biomass. I then strain through a panda spinner and repeat this process 3 more times with the same ethanol (after being rechilled of course) and fresh biomass. Essentially this means I’m using 6L of ethanol to extract 6 pounds total of biomass.

Am I going way too hard and missing out on a bunch of THC because of saturation levels?

Just to be clear this is all to make crude which will be made into distillate.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Test results. Get the spent biomass of the last extract round tested and see how much THC remains


Best suggestion as to how to test? Just do a cryo ethanol soak of my already spent biomass, rotovap, and see what I’m left with? Not a bad idea. I’ll peolly just repeat my tek on spent biomass and go from there. Thanks. Just wanted to know if this seems like an ungodly amount of saturation.

Chances are you are leaving behind quite a bit of product.

Take 100g of the last material you washed and wash it again in some fresh ethanol. Use as much ethanol as you need to submerge it (which depends on volume of the material). Then spin it and get all of the ethanol out of the material that you can. Roto it down into crude and see what your yield is. Take your yields divide it by your starting mass (100g) and multiply by 100. That’s your percent yield.

Report back with that number if you can.


I do a 1:1 on my trim, and a 2-3:1 on other peoples(trim:ethanol), and cryo soak for up to 40 mins. Then rotovap, purge/decarb, then spd.

Do a rinse with fresh ethanol on each batch, reuse that alcohol to start the next 4. You are definitly losing like 10%

10% would be my guess too.
might be 8%, sure hope it isn’t 12%

@Shortsharpshovel; just getting a mass returned on a 2nd extraction on 100gm of biomass won’t give you hard numbers on your losses, but will give you a glimpse into what’s going on.

if it’s too early in the game for in house analytics, you might consider asking a stranger (3rd party testing)