Tons of post extraction equipment. Motivated seller. Make an offer

Lab Society large bore short path full systems - 14k ea
UL listed AI 20L rotovap with dual condensers, polyscience chiller and welch diaphragm pump - 11k
Non-UL listed AI 20L rotovap w/ single condenser, polyscience chiller and diaphragm pump - 7.5k
Cascade CVO-10 vacuum oven with agilent scroll pump and labconco -105c cold trap - 16k
Buchi flash chromatography units, inspected at Buchi facility - 25k ea (shipping from buchi facility not included)
Agilent 1220 HPLC with lots of ancillary equipment and supplies - 40k
Polyscience Durachill chillers - 2.2k ea
100L jacketed glass reactor 3.5k
Cascade CPS-150 isolation reactor w/ constant agitation upgrade, Huber 508-cc, labconco cold trap - 40k
Labconco carbon filter fume hood - 2.5k
Lots of smaller items including 50 amp SEOW cable and power distrubution boxes, numerous tri-clamp fittings, a rolling tool chest with hand tools, mobile hand washing sinks and more
Location: Denver Area

Price: Negotiable, make an offer.


Listed at the top of the post but willing to hear offers

Could I get a model number and pic of the Labconco hood please?

Also I don’t see a price for the huber 508 in the pictures, is it available? If so is it in working condition and whats the asking price?

the huber 508-cc is part of the CPS-150 reactor system.
I will get you a pic of the hood and it’s rating plate later today

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Can you post or PM some pics of the lab society spd?

The pics and video I posted are of the exact short paths on offer. I will take some pics of the disassembled pieces and post those for y’all because it seems to be a common request.

How much for the two wooks in picture two


make an offer, lmao

I am setting up for isolate production. Is the CPS-150 the blue vessel? What is the name and price of the metal reactor in the lattice/holder on the right side in the loaded truck picture?

Thanks in advance!