Toll processing. What's the going rate?

Lets say customer has 200# of dry trim.

What do/would you charge to make that into wax/crumble?



Back in the gray market days we used to get $200/lb of dry trim to run into wax/crumble. Did that for a while until we went totally in house. Doubt we’d get that today, but I’m trying to get a handle on what kind of a going rate is for toll processing work.

Any help?

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Starting at $7100. Or 50/50 split.


We do a 50/50 split they provide the crude or trip then we process it and we split the final result

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I either do a 50/50 or charge based on final yield. $3/g for crude to distillate. $4/g for trim to distillate. I do splits for shatter/crumble only.


So that $/g is based on finished product weight?

Oops, nevermind I didn’t completely read what you wrote.

Thanks everyone for your feedback so far!


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