Tips to Making distalite w out the room stinking?

So obviously changing the vacuum oil every run. Making sure ur cold trap is cold af. Any other tips to making it so my neighbors dont think I’m harboring dead bodies when I make distalite?

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I’ve done 5 runs in my basement, zero smell.

there was a thread on this maybe there are some answers there

a negative pressure room with a scrubber would be a good start maybe. Never run a short path just going based on whats common for cannabis grows

You can plumb your vacuum pump exhaust through a filter and outside in an area away from your neighbors.

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Considering his problem is the neighbors smelling it, that would probably only worsen the issue


Dri-Eaz F284 DefendAir HEPA 500 Air Purifier Negative Air Machine Air Scrubber

These are pretty beast. They will pull pretty much everything out of the air and they are quick and simple way to get your room under vacuum pressure without installing a full ventilation system. Get an 8” flexible hose with a damper to exhaust straight outside. The air that comes out is virtually odorless as long as you replace the filter every once and a while.

Plus it’ll help keep dust out of the air.

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Ok so scrubbing the room will mean I have to get all terpene oriented extracts and material out of the room?

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Blow your exhaust theougj a charcoal filter

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Get a proper charcoal filter for your vacuum pump exhaust (they make them for this purpose), then duct your pump exhaust (after the filter) through a scrubber and ideally out of your building with a fan.

Besides the confused neighbours, you do not want to breathe that. Not for hours daily.

Most likely your degassing part will be your most critical one, after that you should have close to no smell at all (with a decent trap).


i dont advise this to any one as i dont think this is even remotely ok. So i come into @bg305 cbd’s lab one day and it smells like hes frying chicken.

I asked why does it smell like frying chicken in the lab…So in the recirculating heaters he had PEANUT OIL and he was running hot condensor tech at 155c with the Peanut oil. I was only there for 5 mins. I get back in the car and my whole family wonders why i smell like fryer oil. LOL

That is certainly one way to mask the smell


Filter and treat exhaust with ozone generator on the way out.

Or pick up taxidermy as a hobby and offer to do neighbors pets for free.

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Looks like a good diy build and save the $1k

Just remember that a lot of volatiles such as terpenes and possible residual solvents (hopefully none by then) can be ignited by a corona discharge generator.
I’d go carbon over that, or mist citronellol/limonene mixed in water inline with your exhaust (after carbon obviously).


Not sure who posted in the
Tricks of the trade tread but
Tube on vac pump exaust
In a bucket with dawn fabric softner
I did a 5% methanol addition works
Real well


Hmm didn’t think about that, good thing I just farm the trichomes. Ozone is a handy tool for us, cleaning and such in addition to odor control.

If you’re not already familiar with ONA terpene liquids, def check them out. I like the “pro” flavor best, spoke with the mfg and it contains additional destructo-terps the scented flavors don’t. Same stuff used to deal with municipal sewage spills and other stink disasters.

If you want to build something that filters as well as one of those it’s not going to be cheap. I suggested this for quick and easy because those are something you could have delivered and up and running the next day. This sounds more like a “I need it fixed yesterday” kind of situation. Not sure if you’ve ever run one but they are a beast and relatively quiet too which is important. The portability of them makes it very easy to customize intake/exhaust for different situations.

I definitely would not use ozone

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It has a nice housing but I try to avoid green-tax items even when it costs me 2x in my own labor. Trying to get better about this.

So true! :poultry_leg: Most any hi-temp oil/ shortening smells great compared to terpshwitz.

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