Thoughts or comments on this test result

GLLCOA_G0H0069-01.pdf (172.4 KB)

Where do you wanna start?

First off the LOQ for d9 is higher than its legal limit so thats the first flag that i would immediately stop at and take a hard pass.

Then the next step would be seeing the actual chromatograph to see their test methods and how well they are separating the different peaks.

third would be the 79% TAC number and then you can ask what the other 21% is.

Overall there is a lot to be desired, i would use another lab and not sell this until you have more information.


It’s green leaf…

That is par for the course.


Not very reliable if you really want to know what’s in your oil.
Like @thesk8nmidget said, the LOQ for THC is concerning. Especially because on page 1 of the report it is 0.63% and then on page 3 it is 0.1577%



yep , im going in for a visit tomorrow . im interested in the d8% accounting for 100% of the detected % of TAC

Yeah, either you are a way better chemist than pretty much everyone on here, or there has gotta be something else in there. And since it isn’t 99% D8, there’s obviously something else in there. Did you convert from isolate?

Yep, it was from full spec cbd disty ,

minus the 20.47 mystery

What style head are you using for post distillation?

Full bore? Nano?

What’s your perimeters on your distilling runs (head temp, vac, mantle temp) when pulling each fraction.

I’m seeing the guys on here who can distill hit 90+ consistently (even though I was 65% D9, 29% D8, and 6% CBD (didn’t reflux long enough)).

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12L SPD1 , mains @ 182-189c , no heads , first pass

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What were vac levels at each fraction ( I know…probably Hard to remember).

It was weird when I did mine as well… only “heads” I got was excess heptane that didn’t pull through with the roto.

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They likely measure d8 and d9 together. That 80% is a sum of both. Perhaps d10 is also inlcuded in there… you should send it to me for a serious test !


id like to . message me the info and ill send a sample of the next run. its been a consistent light pale yellow and clear as can be.