Think you can save the world with hemp?

Are you passionate about addressing the world’s environmental problems, but having trouble getting started?

Are you looking to apply your skills (engineering, data science, marketing, behavior economics, storytelling, etc.) to the world’s most challenging conservation problems?

Do you have a new idea for an environmental problem?

Then you should apply to the Con X Tech Prize!

Conservation X Labs is running an idea competition for teams to create a first draft (i.e. prototype) of their conservation solution. 20 finalists will be selected to win a $3,500 grant. The 20 finalist teams will be eligible to compete for a grand prize of $20,000.

Conservation X Labs is seeking novel and transformative tools and approaches to conserve the world’s biodiversity and end human-induced species extinctions. While hardware and software solutions are ideal for this competition, any idea that presents a novel approach to a conservation problem is welcome.

No need to worry if you are new to the field! Conservationists and biologists are needed, but this competition also seeks participants that are out-the-box thinkers, individuals with perspectives from other disciplines—including tech and engineering, and those who are looking to build a multi-disciplinary team.

Teams (or individuals) may submit ideas to two categories (1) the Oceans Category, in response to any of the Ten Grand Challenges for Ocean Conservation or (2) the Blue Sky Category, whereby participants can submit any solution idea for a clearly defined conservation problem of their choosing.

The Con X Tech Prize is run on the Conservation X Labs’ Digital Makerspace, an innovation platform and open community for collaborative invention and sharing and advancing conservation technology projects.

On the Digital Makerspace, you can find information on the Oceans Challenges as well as other conservation challenges and problems for which you may want to submit a solution idea. To enter the Con X Tech Prize, create a project profile for your solution idea on the Digital Makerspace– including defining the problem, who would use or implement your solution, and how it will be financially and environmentally sustainable.

Full rules, guidelines for submissions, and other information can be found at:

The deadline for submissions for Round 1 is June 30, 2018. Start your submission today and help create the future of conservation!

For other information or inquiries, please reach out to Cassie Hoffman at