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I am trying to modify my probe that goes in the boiling flask so I can set it between the boiling flask and mantle. I’ve read a few posts on the forum about stripping the wires and soldering them together. I tried a few variations of the 3 different wires that were exposed after cutting off the probe. My mantle reads LLL and continuously adds heat regardless of the set value. I’m including photos of the connector and wires after being exposed. Thanks in advance.

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linking the posts that you’ve read.
or asking in the thread where you read the instructions would both seem like useful tricks.

Assuming a k-type thermocouple, you should just be able to join the correct pair of conductors.

however, if you’re dealing with an RTD, then you’ve removed critical parts of your measuring device.

given three wires, I’m suspicious you’re not dealing with a k-type…

Thanks for the recommendation, video and conclusion @cyclopath. Back to the drawing board I go.

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not conclusion.



the best way to do this mod is order a high temp t/c from ebay. Take your mantle apart by removing the mantle housing from the base, then embed the t/c into the underside of the insulation layer underneath the nicrome heating wire. You will need to use a multi meter to find the resistance of your old probe, this will include the entire length of wire needed for the connection. Make up the difference with a resistor, so the resistance of then entire circuit is equal to that of the old probe.
we have done many mantles successfully like that.


sounds like confirmation of an RTD to me :wink:

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