Thermo Electron (Harris/Revco) 21cuft 220v -86c Freezer REFURBISHED

Harris SLT-25V-85SID37 220v 21cuft -86c Lab Freezer

We have been refurbishing ultra low lab freezers for the past few years in Eugene Oregon. Our technician has been doing the work for 25+ years for universities and labs on the west coast. We’ve shut down this year, and have one remaining unit that has had more work done to refurbish than any of the units previously. He just kept working on it, and not being able to resolve the problem. A TON of things got replaced with new parts that likely didn’t need the work before he finally found the leak. Hiding in a $25 sensor that was easily accesible, lol

So, more than $4500 in our cost in labor and parts went into this unit. I was considering keeping it myself, but i’m going to go ahead and let it go. We have a bunch of the stainless steel dividers as well. I’ll fill the unit up with them, whichever one’s you want. Everything will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for immediate use.

$6k. Eugene, OR. Palletized, can wrap up, strap down and ship freight at your cost. Guaranteed not DOA. Will deliver for free within 100 miles.

Will consider trades for passive CLS parts 100+ lb solvent tank, 4"-6"columns, recovery vessel, etc. + cash.