There is no clean and safe delta 8 thc for sale on the market. period


Full chromatography.
Proper synthesis with controls on environment temperature and inert gas.
testing of D8 during process to know when reaction is complete.
Distillation to remove most byproducts first.

It’s not hard. They just choose not to do it.



Well, to quantify your picture we are doing the following to the worst offenders:

Full analysis with methods, pictures of products, distributors and where possible location of stores where they can purchase their own samples.

A full binder is sent to:

DEA, DEA regional office in manufacturers state
FTC for using fake COAs
EPA for likely failing to dispose of and failing to report under RCRA and SARA the hazardous waste.
Local Health Departments
Local Prosecutors
EDIT: Marijuana Licensing Board if one exists in their state. We did this in this case.
The regional Department of Environmental Quality if we detect solvents that are HAP. They should have an air permit to produce this product.
Lastly, for good measure, a complaint to Weights and Measures if we test a product and the weight is less than what is on the package - in this gummy case this was true.
They are all CC’d with each other so a multi-state, multiagency enforcement action can be brought against them.

A couple of these blitz and product is going to get safe REAL FAST.


@iontrap wpuod you by any chance be willing to test a sample from someone here that has run the most popular conversion posted on this forum. The one posted by @iLLnyeTheShatterGuy using ptsa?

This is what the majority of people are either using now or will be soon and if it’s publicly known to be unsafe as it’s written then we as a community can add steps required to make it safe for consumption.

There are a lot of people here that would like to provide clean medicine but until recently it’s been a big shot in the dark and it’s always been “unknowns” leaving us wondering.

Thanks again for the work you are doing.


How about this?

Send me the SOP. We will do it here and report the results. We will then purify it and post the process.


If the chroma is so easy and only $1 a gram to clean up why not share that info if that’s the only thing that’s missing ?

We are. Please understand these big companies know this. They knew it all along. It wasn’t a secret and it’s not mystery science. D8 was chosen to skirt the laws - fine just make it safe then.

No one wants to pay for full chromatography. We will set up next weekend to run this D8 SOP and will report results along the way. We are all for safe products.


I’d be happy to pay for a chromatography service and a consult if it’s really that cheap.

We live in this space. It’s insulting to confer “if”. It’s not if. Do you think Hersey or General Mills would allow a product to contain toxic byproducts in their raw materials? No, then why should you.

Many raw materials are made with Lewis acids and similiar reactions and you aren’t getting poisoned by them. Why? Because those companies were responsible and used analyzers to determine their product was safe and clean.


Then why are you here? To taunt people and start witch hunts? Or are you really about harm reduction like you say??


Seems like it. Regardless of what it costs to make it safely, it should be made safely. It sounds like @iontrap just offered to explain how exactly to do that.


I’m here because a few of my collegues reached out to me because their friends were sending products from Spectrum Labs after becoming ill.

My friends all worked with me years ago in MA in medical marijuana research. I was horrified when we analyzed and what we found in D8 products being sent in.

That’s why I’m here.

Edit: and we are SO pissed off that greedy people are screwing up legalizing marijuana and its related products and those doing so are going straight to hell. I hope this sums it up for you.


We will do that. However, this week we are finishing up the first wave of the worst products for law enforcement.

Anyone here could have bought time on a mass spectrometer at a local university and analyze a sample.

5g sample
3g DCM

inject. done. game over.




I wonder if people’s overcooked d9 distillate also has a ton of this crap in it


I doubt it.

Unless they added a Lewis acid to convert any CBD to THC then it likely wouldn’t be a problem.


So this is what we do on the forums now? We run to the cops ? Not exactly harm reduction

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Sure as hell is.

We aren’t doing this independently. I am talking about this with other labs. They share similiar stories. One lab advised me they told a manufacturer and showed them it had toxins.

Did they recall the product? No
Did they stop the sale of the product? No.

So what is left?

Edit: That manufacturer got an extra bonus as the warnings were in writing. So in addition to law enforcement getting a package. They also got the communciations warning the manufacturer of the problems in their product. That’s a double whammy!

You’re a reseller right? Do you sell D8?


What exactly is the correct response to people selling poison to unwitting customers after being told that they’re selling poison? Vigilante justice? Another strongly worded letter? Fuck the unwitting?