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That’s not what this is.

I wouldn’t say it’s crap. Half their posts are user submissions recording law enforcement(that’s targeting weed) on the move. They actually called out a few raids a day before they happened. People saw the cavalry gathering up and alerted blacklist, and blacklist then alerted the community. A lot of the big raids in Cali were actually called out by them 12-24 hours in advance.

The crap part mainly comes from their lack of knowledge in concentrates. They think that people are putting rat poison in vape carts or something


I’m not saying all of it is crap and in fact the raid thing was cool. Again that was only because of user submissions.
They post I’d say 1/4 good 3/4 nonsense

That sounds like bullshit tbh. First if they decide to meet up before the raid in the open streets they aren’t going to be anywhere close to the spot. It’s only a quick review bc the spot has been under surveillance and they are probably waiting for the tenants to leave so they can raid the house than pull over the car. This is usually the normal protocol with any kids or gun involvement. Unless you have an inside than the 12-24 raid window doesn’t make sense.

Now I will say your site has helped me in the pass to identify people especially during the random Haitians coming to Nor cali with swap drops. Also the white Range Rover who were double backing after deals to tie up the sellers and steal everything. I seen the play before it happened and found them on your site after. We used those picks in a broker group chat. I’m not knocking your site but we need one for this side of the game. A more accurate one with no bullshit that’s actualky montionered and reviewed. we no longer deal with vultures on the streets we also deal with them in white collars. Y’all don’t have to worry about reputation and we do.


That sounds like bullshit tbh.

I guess context would help. You’re clearly in the dark of whats going on in Cali but the MET(marijuana enforcement team) is going hard targeting grows. Most of these grows are in super rural towns. There is no “streets”, it’s dirt roads. They have to gather off road equipment, wood chippers(to chop up the planets) and many other type of equipment. This isn’t your LA warehouse in downtown type of raid. That indeed is hard to call out. But that’s not what this is. The main big raid that kicked it off was the Anza raid in Riverside county, and they called that one out 24 hours before it happened. They also called out covelo, sanoma county, siskiyou, humboldt and a few others I know I’m forgetting. It’s not magic, or “insider info”, it’s just user submissions. Most of these tiny middle of nowhere towns have very little law enforcement presence so the MET teams usually have to travel in convoys and then they all gather the night before at a temporary HQ. This is the time that the community catches them on vid and submits them to the blacklist to warn the community.

They also do is fly by’s over the farms(the MET team). Those get called out too. Most of the time, when there is fly by’s, a raid usually follows a few days later in the area.

Now I will say your site has helped me

Not my site, just a fan. And however you feel about them(the REAL blacklist), that is the outlet the community is using to inform each other about law enforcement and thieves.


Heli you say

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The best sop was the free one that was given away to help everyone level up.


I agree with you @TennesseeJed

I’ve posted on somebody else’s thread about the helicopter. I’ve know about this team since day one I moved out here. They hit individual counties hard and move to the next but they only hit a couple of counties in the same proximity per year. Two years ago it was the San quiaion area and east of that. But that particular team hits with helicopters and extacadites the plants to another location for figuring out weight they will destroy. They never set up in the area due to they knowing a cartel or such can counterattack them. It could also be a legal grow aso they have to get numbers just in case. I lived all across nor cali and not being homegrown I had to network harder than most people. You can check YouTube bc they show them in action in humbodlt. I would take your site more serious if it was moderated better for instance i know people who were slandered on there and didn’t commit the crime. This is one of the reasons you have competition.

Wtf is this shit. Death by distillate


That’s azulene LOL

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“Not your normal terpenes”


Again, not my site. They called out more than a few raids 24 hours ahead. This is not a debate, it’s a fact. You just sound like a bitter hater cheering for the knockoff page

Is anyone surprised one of the largest hangouts for cart makers hates the blacklist :rofl::joy::sob:


Advice taken and post removed.
Thanks you for your feedback. We understand where you are coming from completely. We honestly don’t know of another powder supplier not green taxing which is why we didn’t post them. But we can see how that looks not normal.

If anybody else has any other feedback we would love to hear it.

The name… Is the name out of line? TheBlacklist123
I would love for the future4200 community to name the page. So maybe let’s get some good names going and put it to a vote?

We are not here to bring trash talk or drama. This is strictly for pure unadulterated information regarding our industry. The other blacklist page is constantly pushing misinformation and it needs to be stopped. That is our goal


@cannabisblacklist I was hoping you was going to change the name but since you are and were trying to get more professional. How about CannabisBlackBarred. Barred is used white collar and if you get kicked out of a refinery they refer this as Black barred. This comes the tricky part. Promoting and making people barred will be a challenge on the same page. I would suggest two different pages or some sort of google drive just for the non green tax business. It can be sorta of a reference like BBB. But don’t promote it as that professional because than people might think of this as a pay to play.


Instagram decided to shut down the account. Getting made haters. Must be doing something right


Geez that didn’t take long. Lol.