The reason I refine

I stumbled a bit yesterday on this sample but figured it out. This morning
I ran two back to back runs on the compound. It is astonishing how fast a faint trace of red begins to form on this stuff so I took this photo straight out of vacuum and fresh off the cold finger.

I dabbed some and it is premium. It is stored under vacuum now. I plan to run it in a DCVC column to see if any other color than pale yellow elutes. I am thinking this stuff is getting pretty close just right for me :sunglasses:. Good medicine. I still need Tums to handle the pizza :pizza: though…


Looks nice! I liked the slow-mo stir bar footage too.

Hobby is refining extract to high potency with the goal of enjoying the shit out of it.

Would love to be a potato on your couch one day, my face will be stuck like :star_struck:


my preciousss

Fantastic looking! Distilled to that color? No bleaching clays etc?

This run was dewaxed over alumina. Then was run once through a previously used DCVC column and was wet loaded which mostly removed terpenes, carotanoids/flavonoids, chlorophyls and whatever the heck that pink band is that always needs methanol to wash out of the column.

Then the sample was run several times in a cryogenic sublimator with the boiling puddle an inch or so from the cold finger. The cold finger collects the cannabinoid. Rinse, harvest, and repeat. There is almost zero hold up in the cryogenic apparatus as it is being used so multiple runs are pretty fast and easy and do not waste product. Each run progressively refines the product further.

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My plan is to gift a set of dabs to the race of Men…in secret though I am crafting a Master Dab. One Dab to rule them all!


You sir are a scholar. I hadn’t thought of using a sublimator. But you are likely doing true molecular distillation, more so than with a commercial wiped film setup! I think there is just too much residual gas in the wiped film systems for the distance to condensation to be = mean free path. But hey, they work well.

Can I ask what you pull your vacuum with? Is one large rotary vane pump good enough for your method?

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I use an Edwards EM 28. It was three years old and on Craigslist local for $1000. That is less than half a rebuild priced unit would be. Brand new those are like $5000!!! It had been used by a BHO guy purging oil in an oven. It would not pull very much vacuum lolz. In three years he had changed oil twice or so…

When I popped the oil plug a whole bunch of terpene that had seperated from the oil drained out into the pan! Wow was that thing full of terpenes! I ran it to warm it up and changed oil twice just because the oil stunk so bad and bad pull down to vacuum too. After the second change of Vac Oil Grade 20 the pump pulled down to ¾ of one micron as reported by the Pirani sensor. It took a few weeks at least to get all the fittings and stuff figured out and ordered.

Then everything was plumbed with stainless steel to keep polymers in the vacuum path to a bare minimum. For the short polymer hose I need (about a foot because the cold finger must be removed to harvest and the hose stays connected) I use ¼ Nalgene vacuum line. Nalgene vacuum line is about $17 per foot and I have a couple sizes. it is a DREAM to work with Nalgene. It cuts with scissors, bends and stays put, has a 3/16” wall (VERY thick tube), and tolerates just about any solvent and such.

You are correct in that the mean free path of any evolved gas molecule exceeds that of the distance between vessel walls. I typically run the rig after terpene depletion at ¾ of one micron. This means there are so few gas molecules inside that once they take off from the boiling puddle they do not bump into each other before they hit a glass surface (on average). When gas molecules fly freely this way they can only travel in straight lines because their path does not get bumped.

So gas cannot “flow” around anything because it only travels in a straight line under these conditions. So there is no gas that collects up very high on the cold finger surface or sides of the sublimator. The gas from the boiling puddle goes straight from it so if a visual straight line is not seen to the puddle inside then no gas will collect at that point.

In fact I can set up a fractional rig with my 50 ml flasks and packed for fractioning using a ground glass thermometer inside a thermometer adapter as column packing. The ground glass joint of the thermometer is place very close to the opening of the boiling flask neck. Then I pull terpenes through. The vacuum will slowly pull down from say 350 microns to eventually just one micron. At one micron all terps are depleted from the puddle. However, as I said at one micron or really below about ten microns gas stops being able to travel around things like the thermometer packing. No matter how much heat is put into the rig at this point the gas cannot flow around the packing. A fractionating column therefor acts as a complete barrier to the cannabinoids at this vacuum but since the terpenes fraction off in much greater volumes and therefor higher pressures they flow easily around the packing and fraction off nicely leaving the cannabinoids behind for the sublimator.