Hello friends!

I want to start a general discussion on soak times - this topic is extremely important for all our friends on here still using the bucket tek method or in between and larger as we all strive to capture all our friendly cannabinoid from our biomass and not leave any behind!

Why is it important? Because an inadequate soak time can lead to a number of issues with green, waxes, etc but my major concerns and everyones concern here is YEILD!

Please remember to discuss which solvents you are using because recently I used some hexane with great result after testing the material but would like to hear what times/yeilds people are getting when using ethanol.

So let’s get some numbers here!

Recently I did:

Iso soak on 2500g of kief for 1hr in cryo (-76C) solution and got about 80%+ or so cannabinoid strip but also needed a long and time consuming second wash to get everything out…

But recently I also tested some hexane with another additive that got a much more higher strip but it was done at warm temperatures.

*Some important questions for our discussion:
What is your solvent of choice and soak times?
Do you do cryo or a big clean up after and why?
Have you found vibration,ultrasonic or other forms of agitation helpful in reducing biomass soaktimes?
How have you reduced soak times while also mainting high % of cannabinoid strip while keeping unwatend stuff at bay?

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Hmm I have a bunch of rosin chips I was thinking of soaking in hexane instead of etho

I like to soak 1lb in a 220 micron bag at a time, in 3 gal etho for 5 min. seems to work ok, sometimes I throw 2 lbs in the bucket at once and repeat up to like 6 times

I’m not exactly soaking but I do flood my column till I can see the biomass fully submerged. I have a vapor port on my cap which lets me shoot my material column vapors into the dewax. This causes the solvent to agitate/boil up inside the biomass. After a few scrubs I send it into my dewax. Two floods fills my dewax. Using room temp butane.


Get u a sightglass on your material columnn to get a better understanding of what goes on in there with whatever solvent u choose


Amongst my upgrade list is metaglas for dewaxer and material,
I agree , seeing into each vessel is a huge benefit

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