The Original Resinator: Bubble Hash Function

In addition to trimming, with less than 0.1% cannabinoid loss, and cryo-sieve functions, The Original Resinator can also be used to make bubble hash!

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The 5 Ways Resinator Saves You Money

  1. Trim Savings
  2. Addition of Live Dried Bud Pipeline
  3. Addition of Full Melt Pipeline
  4. Solvent Savings from Biomass Reduction
  5. Laboratory Throughput/Profit Increase

Elimination of 85% of hand trimming
0.1% Cannabinoid Loss
Trim 1lb/min

Live Dried Bud is the result of cryo-trimming and freeze drying. The product has higher cannabinoid content, longer shelf life (1+year), and improved appearance with zero shrinkage or terpene loss from harvest.

Full Melt Rosin Pipeline
If you normally send all of your product to hydrocarbon extraction, you now have the opportunity to sift your material for the finest trichome heads first in order to make a solventless product in addition to your hydrocarbon SKUs.

Biomass reduction saves you money on solvents and expensive extraction machinery.
Sift your material again with a larger pore screen to reduce your material down to kief prior to extraction.
400 micron is recommended for biomass reduction
2% residual cannabinoid content in sifted material
This reduces the total amount of mass you load into your extraction units and saves on solvents (Eco Friendly)

Biomass reduction also increases the throughput of your extraction units. You can double or triple your throughput by running kief instead of trim/flower. A Resinator could save you from having to spend on additional extraction units as your lab expands.