The More Effective Cannabis Products

I am trying to formulate effect oriented infused products. The problem I am facing is I there are too many different ingredients, and on top of that I do not know what products work with THC &/or CBD.

I was hoping people could point me towards really effective formulations, because whenever I buy something from the dispensary that is supposed to get me high and also provide some other effect I get neither.

What is the effect that you are aiming for?
Also, a simple search at the search bar above brought up something you may be interested in

I’m looking for any and all product effects.

Here is an example (I helped make this). This is a product that is effective at what is says and still gets you high. FULL MELT PEPPERMINT BAR THC 100MG | LivWell

The other active ingredients made me fall asleep so fast and deep.

Check out the search bar at the home page. Read about Delta 11, hydroxy 11. The other active ingredients did not necessarily make you fall asleep. I’d love to work with you on some targeted and effective edible delivery systems. Read just a little bit more first. Even that LivWell bar is described as something for after dinner.

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I find that the carrier can alter the effects.

Oils/fats vs sugars and alcohol can change the onset timing and overall length of the high.

Personally I find dose to be the most important. 25-35mg seems ideal for me. Over 50mg and I just find I’m lethargic the next day.

You’re right, it was the cannabinoids!

Double your decarb time and increase the temp slightly… works best with flower…

The further THCA degrades, the more CBNA you’ll have, the faster/hotter you decarb, the higher the concentration of CBN you’ll end up with which in turn the greater the sedative effect becomes.

There is natural methods to speed up decarb without increasing temperatures if you want to capature volatiles as well.

Oh goodie you found my suppository post lol

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Kinda prefer the fresh, paved roads.

Never been a dirt road guy… you do you. :heart:

When you say slightly higher the temp, do you mean from 240-400? Degradation takes much higher temps than decarbing. Doubling decarb time at 240-260 wont give that if any extra cbn.

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It’s a bit of a balancing act, you don’t want to be destroying your cannabinoids with heat and 400°f/202°c (degradation of thc using heat starts at about 311°f/155°c some will argue even lower) will certainly achieve that… you’d have to experiment with the cultivars you have on hand as everything varies… I’m sure you know this.

I didn’t include temperatures for a reason lol, the premise remains. You’ve thrown shade at me in another thread and now you’re asking legitimate questions expecting me to cough up answers… go experiment… the answers you think you have and will attempt to use to refute my statements here are indeed incorrect and i need not prove this to someone who is acting in a negative manner towards me for the sheer sake of it.

If you read some posts you would know that degradation through heat is the least effective method. I decarb every damn day of my life. When i did my research last year it stated that there is slight degradation at 300f. People who decarb should prob know the temps anyways ,so, by you not stating them seems like you dont know the temps. And yes I gave ya shit a few times so far for your dirt hash. I shall continue when i feel the need for a good laugh thank you very much.

Explains the curiosity.

Pair it with multiple factors of influence… hint…

That’s awesome, do whatever you’d like. Do not approach me expecting answers with an attitude like that, especially when you’ve never had a single conversation with me prior to jumping on the insult train.

The question was merely for you to explain in more detail to OP. I wasnt actually asking you anything. You seem to state things in many posts without much explanation. Anywho, now this thread is off topic bc of me. Now i feel like slightly like @thumper.


Emphasis on the DO YOU… touching again on the…

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