The Killa conspiracy

Wow… Just… Wow…


We are all arguing about the simple stuff and here is @pdxcanna reading the fire sex novels and imagining us in place of the written characters. I am feeling a little left out I was not seducing or stroking anyone in his playout.

just wait for the next distracterotica


Is there anyway you can tell me how I have countered most of your posts and yet you can somehow claim you had a vote for me and now have taken that back? This is pretty much saying you almost voted for someone that clearly does not represent anything you endorse. So by your own accusations have you been “drinking” or in my words “indulging” in life?? You sir seem a little drunk on false ways of trying to make a moral life. Can you come back at me with a little more stability?

Thank you for cutting all that crazy @weedthepeople stuff out of the mom thread @qma.

starting to right those campaign promises after all




Yes, Thank you very much. That was to much of a worthy thread to let anything mess it up. I dont think @raghanded mentioned what he is so “mad” at as he loves to say to people.

Thanks for the clean up @qma


I second the cleanup. I was a part of it but there were other forces at hand.

Alcohol and obsession I’m assuming.

You cut a bit too much out though. Lol. There are several mom posts you cut out with the 3-5 posts you really should have cut out.

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@Killa12345 is @TennesseeJed


Did you use those terps yet?? :joy::rofl::joy:


Why would I waste terps I can’t smell or taste barely

Thats like smoking a delta-8 moonrock blunt

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You haven’t got back your taste or smell yet??


When I smoke I can’t taste jack. When I smell HTE or diamonds and sauce, still nothing. When I eat however certain specific flavors I can taste. Like a brownie for example I can taste the cocoa flavor but thats it. Just sweet and cocoa. Same with a soda. When I make my rice with meat and vegetable mixture too I can really only taste 2 things, the saltiness of the meat, and some vegetable flavor with salt.

Smoking, can’t taste anything. When I smell things, depending on the profile, I can only smell a specific thing like the caryophyllene of it. Just smells hempy/peppery. Not at all sweet or strain specific, thats for the Terps I have. Just only a peppery/hempy smell. Nothing sweet or noticeable. Cant tell the difference in them. Just hempy and peppery. I have smoked some TERPY shit too and I don’t taste really anything distinctly. Idk how to describe when I smoke. Sucks ass though, in the beginning I couldn’t taste anything at all. Over time though its slowly coming back. Just VERY slowly

TLDR: no, but overtime I have noticed slight taste and smell come back for certain odors and food. Nothing specific. Just basic.

Why did you tag me???

What’s this?


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