The Importance of CO2 Enrichment

CO2 Fuels photosynthesis, (remember hearing that in middle school science class??), well that teacher of yours was right.

By using the right levels of #CO2 with your #Grows, it can enhance plant growth rates and yield by 20-30%, thus increasing your Return On Investment.

For Indoor plants, adequate lighting plays an important part in the photosynthesis process, and supplying CO2 helps your plants use more of that light for energy, resulting in faster growth.

Ta-da. Or should I say, Cha-ching. Who said that money doesn’t grow on trees?!?

Lastly, CO2 aids in #insect control, avoiding the need for harmful #pesticides.

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Using CO2 can give you up to a 30% increase in yield. I would like to see real word results of an increase of 50% in yields.


Easy, grow shitty without co2, then grow well with co2. Chaching


More co2 promotes horizontal root growth. Important for seeds and clones especially


You would have to change the “grow shitty” part as CO2 isnt a magic wand.

bro your only getting 500g’s per lamp in miracle grow? Just add CO2 and you’ll be at 1k g’s next harvest


@BG305 I agree, 50% is a tall order. However, each strain reacts differently with CO2; and with a precise blend of enough CO2, light, temp & humidity, higher levels can be achieved. Nonetheless, you are correct, on average we typically see a range of 20-40%


Yes Sir, what I said was complete bullshit backed up by a drunk guy’s story…
So instead I’ll just take off 10%, and pitch it back to you using the variety in strains as the basis for my numbers…
30% is more realistic, and that’s in a perfect setting… But I’m sure that number is repeatable from garden to garden, with a good grower…
Edit: Not aimed at you BG (I hope you know that)


Was gonna say Back in our day they had co2s coming from your cover crop, now they want you to use the whatsyawhosits injection tank with the hose barb regulator guy. Mahhhhhh grow more weed. Well looks like plenty of us have figured out how to not need the ye ol c02its bottles.

But then again what do we know about plants

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FWIW, the biggest impact supplemental CO2 has on yield is related to being able to increase temperatures and the associated increase in metabolism. I don’t know about 50% but there’s a pretty big difference between plants grown at 80F and 400ppm CO2 vs 86F and 1200ppm assuming nothing else constrains growth (usually light or nutrients being the constraints).


I’ve been a co2 grower for 6yrs. I may see a 25% increase tops. A 40% would be so crazy, most growers would be foolish not to use co2.

I mainly use it, as co2 is cheaper than ac usage.

And I did a test of the exhale bags in a controlled environment. It ONLY added 50ppm co2 in my testing.

Co2 is not a fix-all. It will show a grower issues with their grow if not dialed in.


That would be 100% improvement.
Going from 500 g to 750 grams would be 50% improvement.
I don’t know if that is possible either. I don’t know growing yet just math.


That there was sarcasm sir…

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You wanna share the identity of the magic strain that sees a 50% yield increase with co2? We understand, it’s strain dependent. Got some cuts?

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As a matter of fact, I’d say running CO2 stretches the parameters and makes the consequences of any failure more severe. And it adds another system which can fail


That was bro science right there while smoking da ganja. The CO2 might have been at 4k ppm also when those numbers were extrapolated.


I would use this before bulk tank CO2.
IR-42-MF (
I have the smaller IR-28 with the cooling tubes/fan setup running on natural gas and it rocks. Rooms much cooler than using my old school Green Air gen


That adds heat. The enemy of an indoor grower.


Yes and when you run CO2 you have to run your garden temps higher. Been using CO2 for 10 years. If the unit I linked is set up with the cooling it runs much cooler than a tradition gen. I know as I have used both. Not sure if you looked at the unit I linked but as far as I know nobody makes anything close.

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I did

No heat from a bottle.

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I started with bottled and after about 4 or 5 trips to fill bulky heavy tanks I researched how much a natural gas gen cost to operate and it was a no brainer for me. Bought the gen and controller. I am sure bulk tank is much cheaper but then you have a huge tank outside.
My old setup I didn’t run in the summer as it ran much hotter.
I do agree with you that bottled/tanked CO2 is cooler than a gen.