The Geometry & Design of Distillation Heads


Hi All,

I haven’t seen much discussion regarding different distillation head designs, packings, stage-type distillation, and the like.

From my time as a student, I remember the infinitesimal detail required to appropriately design an industrial-scale distillation column that was both effective and efficient. With cannabis it’s hard, because you’re dealing with a very complex mixture with many, MANY constituents.

My question is: what kind of distillation heads do you use, why do you use them and how can we begin to quantitatively determine the properties of cannabinoids mixtures in the context of the math that models distillation?



Short path in general
First pass without pakking
Second pass with packing
Some times 30 cm vigreax with glass indents
Some times hempel. Colom with rashig rings or copper scrubies