The best potential cheap option for Dispensing I’ve seen online so far

Thanks to #soxlet for sending me down this rabbit hole

The best potential cheap option for Dispensing I’ve seen online so far

Ignore the meat lol

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Are there any concerns about compounds and their reactivity to the material? For instance, that specific plastic isn’t very resistant to alcohols (according to Wikipedia, supposedly) so would that potentially lead to contamination from the plastic leeching into the product?

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Yes, essential oils used to flavor vape products can be very aggressive.

I think this one is better !

Look at this little nugget I found…

the design of the handle is a definite improvement to the one in my collection.

I’ll one up Soxhlet and offer the manufacturer’s page

you can buy multi-tip adapters, syringes with reservoirs, or the aspiration valve required to turn ANY syringe into a repeater eg the the SS Meat Injector referenced upstream.

yes i was gonna put something about them being a single use solution and to consider them disposable in the post but spaced. I have found that my co2 oil discolors silicon when stored long term in those cheap dab containers at take this very seriously but what i have observed is swelling of the container material more than leaching into the wax but that doesnt change the fact that its unacceptable.
but if the alternative is a plastic syringe then the point is kinda moot and if this gets in in and out quicker then its use will minimize leaching.
I never leave my material in for any length of time just fill, dispense fully then throw away.

that will work great but my co2 oil has to be dispensed at room temp cause heating is not an option so i use glass or stainless steel syringes mostly but they require me u to squeeze them constantly and if im filling 100+ carts thats a pain in the ass and hand. you could always rig up something like i did with rubber bands but its not a stable solution and its not ready “out of the box”. this has a threaded plunger which is surprisingly hard to find in these cheap dispensing solutions

yea i saw those but i cant use heat and never pull my wax through a tube like that and im not sure it would work. If you can use heat im sure it could work very well

This is a more traditional style glass syringe we’ve had a lot of success with lately. Not the cheapest option but it has proven itself reliable.

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did i mention how right u were about the caulk gun idea
Image result for ryobi caulking gun Dispensing Gun For The 400 Ml Dual Syringe

Nordson EFD - 7023141 - Dispensing Gun, 55CC Syringe Barrel SizeMedco Injection Gun - 20cc
plus this
would make a good cheap option too

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im not sure if this is what u meant but multi-tip dispensing needles and other specialized nozzles would be a great
im getting some of these to check out

Double Tip Stainless Steel Blunt Needles - Buy Stainless Steel Blunt Needles Product on
Blunt Tip Needles | PTFE Non Stick Flexible Needles - Dispensing Equipment For Any Fluid

if we r talking legitimately good options i like the look of these ceramic syringe pumps they can even pump continuously without multiple barrels

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I used those Socorex syringes for dispensing viscous liquids before…That is a rabbit hole you don’t wanna jump down. Tiny balls and springs and everything else will ruin your life. Plus I’m pretty sure they suggest that you use some kind of grease that got into our product every time. :frowning:

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I was gonna post something like these glass syringes, the only problem is they seize up super easy and usually the manufacturer recommends that you use some nasty grease to keep them lubricated. Otherwise you can pop those suckers into a syringe pump and automate the hell out of your dispensing process

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I like that syringe calking gun. The glass syringe I think would break the way it’s being held. I’m thinking stainless syringe, and ptfe plunger. I wonder if they make a hdpe or uhmw calking tube for those automatic guns?

This pump is bad ass! Gotta love the simplicity in the design.

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this is what I meant.
available here


would using a hemp seed oil based lubricant alleviate these issues?

not what I was expecting when I asked google :slight_smile:

Edit: I was looking for something more along the lines of Clear-Cut