Thca diamonds

I have access to a lot of thca. Is there a way to dissolve it and make bigger diamonds? Currently it is just about like beach sand.
Many thanks

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Yes there is. All I can say is re-dissolve in solvent . Sorry I can’t be more specific I’m currently under lots of NDAs

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Many thanks, we are working with pentane next.

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Also make sure it’s fully dewaxed or you will have issues . If it isn’t dissolve in ethanol , deep freeze and than do what you were thinking . :+1:

Again, many thanks. Will try that.

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Are they clean? Clear no yellow?

If it’s diamonds only, no matter the size if clean no terps it’s already Dewaxed…it separates from the wax(if you extract any) and terpenes during Crystallization

They are clean, white/clear in color.

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No need to dewax…remelt and recrystallize… Someone else would probably tell what solvent best…

I’ve heard Pentene and isopentene are supposed to be good for recrystalization

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I dont recommend using iso-anything if you have the option.

N-pentane is definitely the quickest, most effective, and allows for maximum terpene retention.


I have read of others dissolving thca in warm pentane to create a supersaturated solution, then gradually cooling to ambient before placing in a deep freezer for a few days to crash out all of the crystals. My understanding is that the slower the temperature change, the larger the crystals can grow. If you cool too quickly, spontaneous nucleation occurs creating small sugar crystals. I assume the CBD isolation process is similar. I do not have experience doing recrystallization, but have grown surprisingly large diamonds using just evaporative crystallization with butane/propane blend. Has anyone developed experimental saturation curves for THCa or CBD? Could be a useful tool in estimating crystal yields for different temperature ranges.


Very helpful, thank you very much. I will keep you posted.

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