Thc remediation

Is there any standard or consistent pricing on thc remediation? Just taking the THC out of the CBD no pesticides or any other services. Just don’t know what this service costs or what to expect.
Thank you

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I charge $1k/kg of input distillate.

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Hi, What kind of scale do you need? (kilos per day)

10kg a pricing?

Bump… if anyone has anymore info to share…

We charge 1.00 - 2.25 per gram depending on the thc content of the source material …


I charge 1300 per Kg outbound material until the provider gives over 500 Kg/month then price goes to 1200 per kg

Strictly toll processing business model


What volume are you looking to process? Is it recurring? What state are is it coming from?

im in TN. just wondering what others are charging for this service. I was in the ballpark with my assumption.

I sent you a DM.

I sent you a DM on this.

@0-TILL you try any of these guys?

Accepting contracts now in Denver area for THC remediation. DM

Please keep me in the loop on vetted remediators in my region. I’ve had 4 labs fall through on their promises and it’s tied up 10L of 90% CBD distillate for 3 months now and been a financial nightmare. 1000s of Ls behind this needing same service soon as I can nail down the test run with post process COAs. Thanks brother.


Where are you located @CatalyticConversion?

I need remediation too. Can anyone contact me about this. I have about 120 liters need remediation thx.

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Sac. But the product’s in Vegas

I can solve this problem and would love to be vetted. DM me lets talk

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DM’d you! Also in Denver and could use your service.

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Do you have open capacity? If so, what part of OR? We are in the Medford area…